Wyze band icons on home screen

Hello, I just received my Wyze band, works great so far, and I noticed a little suitcase looking icon on the upper left corner of the home screen, does anyone know what it means or stands for? Thank you in advance, and have a great day.


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If this is what you are referring to, it means that your band is set to have Do Not Disturb on: Settings/Notifications/Do Not Disturb-(pick the mode you want)… Excuse the shark. Its just a housepet.

tomp, thank you for the quick response, I think that is it, I cannot really tell my eyes are so bad I’ll have to get one of the childrens to take a look. Your house pet is very cute, can I pet him?

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(All Risk Assumed By User):cry:

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I’d like to see a list of all the icons that can be displayed on the home screen.

Click on the ‘+’ sign on the bottom of the left side of the first screen of the Wyze Band device in the app.
This will give you a list of all possibles and you can arrange the order they appear on your screen.

I meant the icons at the top of the Home screen. One is the battery level, which for some reason doesn’t show up when you use your own pictures.

battery icon is still on mine using my own background img

Now on some of my pictures the icons are there and others they still aren’t.