Wyze-band home screen action button option

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m getting really tired of my band vibrating every time the screen is touched accidentally. I see no reason to have the action button on the lock screen. I would prefer to swipe up the screen and then access the action button. Having the action button on the lock screen basically defeats the purpose of having a lock screen in the first place. At least give us the option to remove it.


This would not be a problem if the Settings allowed us to COMPLETELY DISABLE ALEXA functionality. I don’t use it. I won’t be using it. If someone wanted to use it later, they could just re-enable it. I can disable Activities, Notifications, Weather, Shortcuts, Alarm Clock, Heart Rate, Find Device, Run, I don’t understand WHY I (the user, the customer) can’t eliminate this major annoyance. The app tells me I can disable Alexa Alerts, but accidentally leaning on the band face STILL vibrates and shows me a screen that says “Set up Alexa” which is not what I want to happen. They did partially fix it, in that if the screen is locked, there seems to be no vibration for the long press anymore. At least I will no longer be awakened in the middle of the night by a vibration when my band face touches my body.

Interesting. I do use Alexa, though not very much due to the bands reaction being painfully s l o o o w.

But my band DOES still vibrate on the lock screen. Is there an option to turn that off?

Lee Bosset

The only thing it really lets us do at the moment is to remove the Alexa icon from those on the band as we are swiping through them. It still isn’t “gone” from the band when it should be if I do this.

Yeah, it’s super annoying. In fact I’m done with Wyze Band primarily because of this. I used to get accidental Alexa activation whenever watching TV with arms crossed. Then I logged out and removed it from band. Now I get accidentally pestered to setup Alexa!

Anyone want to buy my band for 1/2 price plus shipping?


I gave mine to my sister and went back to my Fitbit Charge 2.