Wyze Band - Heart Rate Not Accurate

The heart rate monitor on my Wyze Band does not seem to be accurate sometimes. Just now I measured on the band, it says 95 bpm. Measuring manually at the same time, I am closer to 55-60 bpm. Is this an issue of where I wear it on my wrist? Anybody else having this issue?



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Mine is wildly off at times also, reporting 150+ bpm when I’m actually around 65.

I just had the Band report 96bpm when the scale said 85bpm but maybe that was due to having gotten out of a hot shower recently.

Same here. I’m usually 55-65 resting. I was lazy all day yesterday and it claims that I ranged from 43-134. I know there’s no way I got up to 134 haha.

Well I tried to use the Band Heart Rate to monitor my heart rate while using my Indoor Bike Trainer .
As shown in this video it is not accurate . My heart rate was about 140 - 145 bpm throughout my 45 minute workout. Also the screen does not stay awake long enough to make this useful and the wake time is not adjustable . If you do not wake the screen within 2 minutes the screen will go back to the home screen.
Video here:

Then I tried it on one of my bike rides and not only is it not accurate but is difficult to see in bright daylight . FYI - My heart rate at this time in the photo was at 120 bpm based on my chest bt heart rate monitor - Band was closer at 93 bpm.

I find that for normal activities, the heartbeat accuracy is similar to other bands I have owned. It has trouble when I am active and sweating, I do wear the face on the top of my arm. If I move it to the underside the readings become more accurate, the problem becomes I keep hitting the face on things.

I agree that we need an opinion to keep the display on longer. In addition, we need more activities other than running.

Gentlemen, I respectively suggest that the Wyze Band is really a $25 watch with some additional features. I bought my Band knowing full well it was not going to be my “go to” device for activities much more strenuous than a brisk walk.

I have a Garmin Forerunner 920 to handle my runs, bike rides and swimming. I paid much more for the Garmin and so I expect it to perform at a much higher level.

In my opinion, I think you (and the many other people who have been posting similar disappointments) should just accept the Band as it is. If Wyze had come out stating that the Band was a top of the line training device, then your concerns would be justified.

Again, I mean no disrespect. This is just my opinion.


Wyze is free to state their position and intent. It is not appropriate for any of us customers to speak on their behalf. Please present facts and help explain functionality.

Personally, I fully understand the heart beat function is a guide and this is not a precision instrument. It works as well as my Garmin and Fitbit that cost significantly more.

That being said, the Band is not a toy and not sold as such. Being it is designed to operate as a connected device: everything we share helps Wyze understand expectations they created as well as potential areas of improvement.

Even Wyze is keeping all discussions here for a reason.

Another 1 Hr bike ride today from 4:00 PM - 5:10 PM
I have it set to sample every 10 minutes so it should have sampled my bike ride at least 5 times.
My average heart rate during this ride was 125 bpm Max was 158
Note the heart rate chart below . between 4 - 5 pm the chart only shows about 60 bpm.
Not useful at all . I was hoping that this band could track some of my workouts accurately
Very disappointed …


Hi there! I received one of the early Wyze Bands, and so far I really like it especially for the price.

I have another heartrate monitor that I use on an exercise bike that I believe to be pretty accurate. When I’m riding the bike and my heartrate gets to 120-160 I’m really “feeling it”. If I run the Wyze band to check my heart at the same time it only reads 70-80 which I know to be not correct.

Has anyone else seen anything like this?


This post has been moved to the #early-access forum category. Please keep all discussion of Early Access products here until the product(s) have been publicly released.

I understand your point but I disagree that we should accept it as-is. Isn’t the point of this special area of the message board to help improve early access products?

If any measurement feature is commonly off by over 50% then I would argue that something is not functioning correctly. I didn’t make this post to trash the product in any way. I made it to help the developers to know there’s an issue. Now if they reply and say that there is no way to make it better, then I would be a bit upset. But, until that happens, I’ll keep trying to help them improve.

Has anyone at Wyze looked into this yet?

No wrist activity monitoring heart rate device is very accurate, but close enough. Really depends how well the band sensor is close to your skin. But if you want something more accurate use an arm cuff style blood pressure device. But even those can go out of calibration. You’d be better off just putting your fingers to your neck and taking the measurement manually, count the beats for 15 seconds, then multiply by 4. Is that so hard to do? Technology for the sake of technology, just makes us lazy.

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I had a Garmin, it was never exact but it did keep close. This band has trouble going over 80 taking a live reading. I check the App and can see the higher readings in the log. It seems that the live display is the problem. At this moment, my live reading is jumping back and forth between 80 and 90, can’t settle in. For any exercise I perform the live reading is not close. Yet looking at the logs the watch captured the readings. Both the Activity and Heart logs are fine. I can see the 120 range there I was in earlier. Unfortunately it also has me at 41 several times, which is totally inaccurate. My RHR is around 67, during the day 80 plus.

Does the watch detection rate stay the same even if in Run/exercise mode?

Why does the log show higher and lower stats that the live reading never showed?

Agreed but we’re not even at “close enough” at least on the live display

My live display is pretty close. Maybe your band is too loose.

The recent update(s) seem to have improved this somewhat.

yeah mine instead of spiking northbound of +150 it only peaks at 130’ish. Still nowhere near reality though.