Wyze Band Firmware and battery

Still stuck on but know there is a out there…

Also, charged last week. Battery sat at 99% for 3 days, now on day 6, it’s at 97%. I’m skeptical about that. Yes, I’ve rebooted it a few times…

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Multiple folks noticing it.

I was losing ~10% a day for 5 days until and now I lost 25% in a day. Not sure if more accurate or just losing battery faster, but I think it is just draining faster because the screen turns on a lot easier on this firmware.

Yeah just noticed the same thing… I was at 99pct… Did the update and it instantly dropped to 76pct…within 3 minutes, with the band screen off, the wyze app shows the band at 71pct and just keeps dropping…69, 66, etc.

The band screen isn’t even on.


my battery drained in a day with the latest update, prior it lasted me around a week.

Even weirder: after losing 25% in one day, it stayed at the same battery % all day today.