Wyze Band Firmware Released - 6/8/20

Hi, Early Access folks!

We have some bug fixes out for Wyze Band! Version improves the alarms, Bluetooth connectivity, data syncing, responsiveness, and more.

Learn more in our Release Notes:


Updated without problems. BT connection seems to be quicker on reconnect. Will test more but looks better so far.

Hopefully this fixes the issue with the band Bluetooth disconnect issues. Was able to update with no issues.

I hope this fixes many issues.

Just remember to keep reporting those issues that are still present through the app. I got an email from them regarding a issue I reported. It’s better to report the issues through the app to get them fixed than posting on the forums. Posting on the forum helps find out if other users are experiencing the same issues though.


Hey this is a great update. Sync times between band and app seem to be cut in half. Very nice improvement! Hope to see the Google integrations and UI improvements come soon.

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I have submitted 3 or 4 through the app. I haven’t received a reply to any. I assumed they didn’t respond to devices under EA due to the rapid updates. I have always had support responses with other products.

You won’t get a confirmation reply per Gwendolyn. I only happened to get one reply out of the many issues I have reported. I was surprised to get a reply.

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I submitted these through the app with screen shots.

The current and future weather temps on the band are not close to the actual local forecasts. The low for each day is from 1 - 4 higher. The high on the band for each day can be as much as 9 degrees lower.

The Activity log for Run does not allow for a bad entry to be modified or deleted.

The Health Data section on the App displays the data selected for Birth Year, Height and Weight. It does not show the selection for Body Type so it is not clear if the selection was saved or not.

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Does it support Google Assistant yet? The lack of that is the reason I haven’t pulled the trigger here. I don’t do ANYTHING Alexa. Is it at least in the roadmap? No point in spending money on this if it isn’t

No, it doesn’t support google assistant. According to this post, they are working on it.
Wyze Band Issue Updates - 05/12/2020

You can vote for it here. Google Assistant for Wyze Band

Although, I think it would be faster to pull out your phone to use google assistant rather than using the band. Alexa seems to have difficulty understanding me on my band but not usually with my echo devices.

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