Wyze Band Firmware Released! 5/27/2020

Hello, forum friends!

We’re releasing Wyze Band firmware today! This comes with many experience improvements including better response time, connectivity, and battery life as well as some bug fixes.

Learn more in our Release Notes:

We aren’t spilling the beans on the full launch date for Wyze Band yet but we’re excited about it coming closer. :wink:


Battery life is greatly improved on this firmware!


Does anyone know if there is a way to download the data from the Band and Scale to a spreadsheet for tracking outside of an app like Google Fit, etc.? Thank you.


Good job :+1: @wyzeteam Noticeable improvements. Now I see Gmail Notifications coming through on Wyze Band


Still no battery level indication on the band in spite of activating that option in the app.

@Photons It’s been there since day one. Go to the settings screen on the phone app. Click on it. There is an option for show battery level. Plus, a bunch of other options not on the band settings screen.

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@superchi, did you have to do anything to get Gmail notifications working? I did the firmware update yesterday but still not getting Gmail notifs on my band. I double checked and Gmail is enabled on the Notification screen.

In the app, go to the Notifications screen and open it. There is where you will find all of the apps you want to be able to send to your band. This is assuming you haven’t already done this. If that is the case, you may need to contact CS.

Yes, I’m using the latest beta app version v2.11.32

The battery life is great after the update. I am at 50% and the band has been running for about a week now. I wear it constantly except for the shower. I do not have notifications turned on. Heart rate every 10 minutes. Thank you.

My band doesn’t have a battery level icon. I can go into the Wyze band app, click on … upper right and see the indicated battery level. I can go into settings in Wyze band app and enable “show battery level on band” so that it says “on”. Still no display of battery level on band itself.
Support had no suggestions.

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Oh crap! On a whim, I changed my clock face background from a photo of my recently deceased dog, to a plain blue background supplied in the app and lo and behold, the battery icon is now displayed .
It appears that if you use your own photo as a background, the battery icon won’t display. 8 support emails and no one at support stumbled on this.

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I have now gotten the battery icon to display on the band even with setting a photo as the background. However, it depends on the photo. If the photo is white in the area where the icon is located, it washes out the icon making it invisible.


Battery life has significantly improved.

However, I’m having an issue where if I happen to walk away from my phone, when I come back I’m getting an old push notification. It is always the same notification even though it is old.

I’ve tried turning the phone’s bluetooth off to reproduce this, but it doesn’t. However, it happens nearly every time I separate the phone and band.

The battery life on this band is truly amazing. I am going on 15 days and still at 21% left. The latest firmware installed 2 days ago so I’m sure the battery life will get even better and that is crazy! This is with notifications turned on and heart rate every 10 min. Wyze has outdone themselves with this band!

Anything being worked on to allow a user to delete/modify a Running Record? I have forgotten I had activated the Run tracker so now have two entries that I want to modify the time on, or have the option to delete. We can delete entries from the Wyze Scale log.

The last update caused my Wyze app to not work on my phone. The only fix was to remove the watch from my products. Any one else experiencing this?

we need notifications on alarm and calendar*

Wow that’s good. I still have no Gmail notifications. I still get duplicate notifications for messages. I also get weird box icons with the Google calendar notifications. Yahoo! Mail is still spelled Yahho! Mail on the notifications setting. The band gets disconnected from time to time and zeroes out the steps randomly. I did notice the battery life improved from 3 days to 8 days at 50%. Hopefully @WyzeArthur can help address these issues with the next firmware update!