Wyze Band feedback and thoughts

Been using the wyze Band for a little over a week. My first impressions are that this has tremendous value for the cost.

Battery life - lasted about 6 days. Since I don’t have the battery on the display it would be cool to have some type of notification that it needs to be charged.

Alexa - Everytime I used Alexa she never understands what I say. There is about a 1 in 5 chance it works. Otherwise it just says I don’t understand. Also it takes a hot minute to process the command and execute.

Integrations- the big thing for me is getting the data collected by the wyze band into other services like Google Fit or Runtastic or other fitness apps. I don’t think that additional fitness functionality should be built into the app it should just leverage what already exists and does it really well. This also goes for the scale as well.

Bands/screen - having additional bands would be cool also having a screen protector would be critical, it’s only a matter of time before this gets scratched.

Wishful thinking - how can I get my smart lock to unlock when the band is close? That would be awesome.

my band vibrated & gave a message to charge when it hit 20%

they said they have more bands coming soon, and possibly the ability to unlock the wyze lock, though I doubt it would auto unlock when you get close, but having a shortcut on the band to unlock would be cool!

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I don’t know where else to log this. Perhaps I’ll keep digging for a feedback link on the site but here is my feedback after 2 weeks with the band. These are all negatives which is how these sort of things go, ha.

  1. Notifications - I really cleaned this up last night and now only get Messages and Instagram notifications. They seem reliable but two issues: 1) when cleared from the phone the notifications don’t leave the watch and 2) every notification to the watch is there twice, listed twice, right back to back. Both seem odd. If I clear from the phone they should clear from the watch and why are they duplicated? Frustrating.

  2. Steps - these are never really that close to what my phone picks up. I get they are designed differently and your wrist is different from a phone in the pocket. Also I get that maybe your phone isn’t with you for all steps. That could be the issue and I’ll watch but Sunday there was a 4,000 step difference, another day 2,000.

  3. Weather - This one is bad. The other day the weather app on my phone stated 43 when the watch said it was 52, another time the forecast was 56/35 on the phone and 60/48 on the watch and yet another 33/41 on the phone and 43/56 on the watch. Having temperature differences of 10-15 degrees obviously isn’t ideal.

  4. What is the feature when I place the palm on my opposite hand over the face of the watch? It vibrates but doesn’t seem to do anything. Maybe it’s not meant to do anything. I just know my Fossil would turn the screen off when doing that. Thought maybe I was missing something.

  5. Battery - Life is great but there is like zero warning it’s going to die, ha. I saw no pop up or notification when it got low. I was on one morning and saw the battery was red and next I knew (within 4 hours) the thing was dead. A pop up when the battery gets below 10% or something would be nice.

  6. Google Fit? - I saw this the other day, maybe after an update to connect to Google. I did but I’m not sure it’s doing anything. Once example would be under the sleep area of Google Fit, none of the sleep data from the watch is showing up there. Perhaps this is a work in progress!

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SMS Messaging (Android) Notification pulls the wrong contact for “From” when it’s not in the contacts list.

Ex; Fedex delivery notifications come from 46339, but the band pulls some guy from my contacts to be the ‘From’, which it’s not, and searching my contacts for 46339 doesn’t even turn them up, so I have no idea why they are popping up.

I’ve only had one day with the wyze band on Android 10.

#1, I noticed several notification issues as well. We need to report the issues from inside the app or else these bugs won’t get fixed. On Android, when you’re on the wyze band home screen, hit the 3 dots in the upper right corner, report an issue, and submit a log.

#4, I never heard of this feature advertised for the wyze band. You might be thinking of a different product.

#5, @Ken.S said you get a warning at 20%? I haven’t had my band long enough yet to see if this works.

Mine went from 34% battery yesterday evening to zero sometime in the middle of the night…

#4 is caused from hitting the home button…from the main screen, if u press the home button, it will vibrate but doesn’t do anything

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which firmware are u on?

mine was around 50% this time yesterday, it dropped quite abit throughout the day, was 13% this morning

I think you’re right. I thought it was some way to silent the watch or dim the screen. which it keeps claiming (I’ve checked a few times a day) is “up to date”.

I believe you are up to date with that version. At least for the production version. There are newer beta versions. Can you confirm what version of the App you are running, and Android or iOS?

Android. The updates page says there’s a version released yesterday but no way to actually get it until it “rolls out” (which took 10 days for the last lock firmware from release date)

but do u have the beta or non-beta version of the app? depending on which version u have can depend on which firmware is available.

I’m on, and battery life has been terrible. I fully charged yesterday morning, it was down to 65% this morning.

Non-beta. The updates page is not for Beta.

Btw, after recharging yesterday morning after the drain-to-zero, battery status still shows “99%” which seems… unlikely 24+ hours later.

I have noticed that the band’s screen is very sensitive. I have found that while in the shower or washing my hands the force of the water can activate the screen. It also happens during the night in bed tossing and turning despite the fact that Night Mode is on. Hopefully, this can be adjusted to be less sensitive, as it seems to be an unnecessary drain on battery life.

I reported through the app but something happened of recent. My first charge lasted 2 full weeks, 14 days to a tee. The last two charges have lasted 3-4 days MAX. I’ve changed nothing in the settings so something is off. I will continue to monitor.

please report this battery issue as seen here.

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My feedback is that a lot of times it takes a good amount of fiddling around to get the band to recognize the charger. I spent over an hour the other night trying to get the band recharged no matter which way I put the charger on . The second thing I’m noticing is that sometimes it’s impossible to turn off an alarm. I have tapped the home button and nothing, the alarm kept on going. During that process the battery quickly drains. These are two issues that I see that need to be addressed.

I don’t notice a battery drain on the Band but the last several days there has been a heavy drain on my phone battery. Nothing else has changed (that I’m aware of). I get a constant Wyze is running notice on my phone. And yet the phone often tells me it cannot connect to band. (24-133) It shows up as unpaired and doesn’t want to pair. Restarting the phone works for that.

Well here is a quick update on my band feedback. We absolutely need a shortcut on the band to unlock the wyze lock. Let me tell you why…

I stepped outside with nothing on me for 15 seconds and in that time my 2yr old son shut the door to which it the wyze lock auto locked. I was locked out with no way to get in. No phone, no keys, no nothing. Nothing but the wyze band on my wrist. I had to wait for hour with my son inside alone and pay $200 because I couldn’t unlock my wyze lock with my band. Now i’m not saying im not going to use either because of what happened but it could have 100% could of been avoided.