Wyze Band Feature Suggestions

I haven’t seen a list of feature suggestions for the Wyze Band, so I thought I’d start one. If there’s another location where I could +1 previous suggestions, I’m sorry, but I didn’t find it. Some of these I’ve seen in other topics and agree with, so I’ve added them here.

Feature Suggestions:

1 Ability to set the Do Not Disturb settings to use the iOS or Android ‘Do Not Disturb’ settings, so I don’t need to set them twice. This I believe is especially important regarding driving as I have notifications turned off when connected to car Bluetooth, but the notifications still occur on the band, which is distracting.

2 Integration with iOS Health App. The Wyze Scale integrates with the Health App and reports the pulse rate, but since the Wyze Band is checking the pulse more often, I would prefer to have it be the source for the pulse rate.

3 Integration with Google Assistant. I like the Alexa integration, but I tend to use Google Assistant more often.

4 Ability to remove Sleep display. I can’t sleep with a band on, so the Sleep display just clutters up the display. It would be nice to be able to configure it to just not display any Sleep numbers.

5 Improve Battery Percent Display - It’s a tiny ‘grey on black’ font, so it’s hard to read sometimes.

6 Another Clock Face Display Layout - where the Time and Steps are displayed in a larger font. I like some of the display layouts with the larger Time display, but they don’t display Step, which I want.

7 Add other activities besides Run - Example: Bike, Excercise, etc.

Thanks. I really like this product.



I thought that it was suppose to have Wyze cam access as well.

I would like it to integrate with Google Fit like the scale does. Google assistant would be nice but Fit would be awesome!


I would like to be able to re-arrange the apps. Have weather 2nd then activity etc…

You can! From the app, select Band. Then select the “+” sign from the bottom of the icons on the left.

That will bring up another screen where you can add/remove or rearrange the apps.


Was just about to say the same. :+1: