Wyze Band enhancements

I have the smart watch. It works great as a watch. but that is about it. The other things are ok. but not enough data is provided from the vital sign monitors so its not very useful. The notifications are not useful because the text is so tiny, you can not read them.

I would like to see, either a SPo2 (blood saturation) monitor, or a NIBP (blood pressure).
I would also like to see better stats for the sleep monitor. The app is severely lacking. I want to know when I wake up in the night (time stamp). How long was I awake. my deep sleep, and my light sleep times.

The physical size of the watch is sometimes irritating. In that it is too tall. I snag it on my sleeves often. I also snag it on my sheets while asleep.

Last wishlist! to have the watch speak to you your txt messages and notifications.

all these things I point out have been addressed by your competitors. So I know it is possible to improve. It may require you to do some redesign, or change the processor or sensors, but it is doable.


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I added a wishlist item for a smart watch which would be in addition to this band. I’m not sure if your suggestions are for a wyze band v2 or a whole new smart watch.

Your sleep monitoring recommendations have been suggested here as well…