Wyze Band Early Access 3/24/2020

Hi there.
This is Arthur from Wyze. I am the product manager of Wyze Band. It’s been a long journey to develop this product, and I am thrilled to share some extra info before its Early Access launch next Tuesday (9:00 AM Pacific Time).

Wyze Band is not a repurposed fitness tracker made by another company out there. This is something that we built from the ground up. What we envision in Wyze Band is a new dimension for you to easily control your smart home ecosystem and receive information in the most convenient way. Activity tracking is there too.

Here are the features you will get with the EA launch and how they could be part of your life:

  1. Control your Wyze devices from your wrist with Shortcuts.

  2. Alexa Built-In: Press and hold the Home button on the Wyze Band to ask Alexa to control other devices or to get Alexa responses shown on screen.
    ** By the way, Alexa is not always listening on Wyze Band. It is not active until you unlock the screen and press the Home button for 2 seconds. It will not keep listening for the wake word.

  3. 120x240 AMOLED color screen. You can set any image as the background image for the home page on the band. It is easy and straight-forward. Personally, I love the feeling of seeing my dog and family every time I check the time.

  4. It stays with you and it is always accessible. Wyze Band is 5ATM water resistant and the battery lasts for 10 - 14 days under normal usage.

  5. The basic activity tracking functions: Heart Rate Monitoring, Step Count, Calorie Tracking, and Sleep Tracking & Analysis.

  6. Phone calls, SMS, or any app push notifications can be shown on the band and alert you with a vibration.

  7. The basic watch functions: Time, Date, Alarm Clock, and Reminder.

You might get everything above in a upscale smart watch somewhere between $150 to $190. Wyze Band is $24.99 + shipping.

If you have any questions, please post them here and I will try my best to respond. We’ll also be doing a live AMA (Ask Me Anything) event on launch day at 12:00 PM Pacific Time. We’ll send out a link in advance so everyone can join us then.

Thank you,
Arthur (Hang Zuo.)


Great job @WyzeArthur cannot wait for Tuesday. Are there different colors?


$24.99?! Is that correct? Wow.


Have not been following this product previously - any plans for Google integration in addition to Alexa?


Is this Alexa only?


@WyzeArthur, will the Wyze Band be able to upload to Garmin Connect and/or Strava? GC is currently my default tracking app and I would like to have the band populate my steps directly.

To be honest, I don’t have or use Google or Alexa. Those features don’t hold any interest for me. So I’m glad Alexa needs to be activated and is not on by default.


For now we only have black units. But the strap is replaceable, and we can definitely have more colors.


We get push notification of phone calls but we don’t actually do phone calls through the band correct? @WyzeArthur

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Google Assistant and any other voice assistant service could fit into our architecture, in replacement to Alexa. We have been contacting Google for support but not a lot of progress so far.


Not for now but we are working on the data integration with all the 3rd party health data platforms. It might take time but we will cover most of them for sure.


Correct. There is a microphone for voice intake, but no speaker on the band.


Different band colors? If not what color is it?

He said for now just black but the band is replaceable so other colors will be possible.


How many shortcuts can you have and can you have shortcuts to run shortcut trigger. i.e. lock unlock door, turn on off lights. View camera.


WOW! Wyze have done it again…for me, those amazing features at the price point is the deal breaker. I tried Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro, and thought Xiaomi Huami’s Amazfit Bip but no I was wrong with both. Wyze Band captured the three basic things I ever did with those watches and even gave me extras at a crazy price


Thank you for the great post about the Wyze Band @WyzeArthur! I’m very excited for it, and I can’t wait to order one on Tuesday. I thought I’d be paying $100 for the Scale and Band together, but I’m amazed by the price points for both, which is $45 before shipping!

I do have one quick question about charging the band. Is it a wired or wireless charger? I have a Fitbit Charge 3, and I’m wondering if the Wyze Band uses similar charging port styles. Thanks, and I’m excited for Tuesday!


excited! you’ll sell a million of these easy!


That’s a great price!
I would definitely get one at that price if I had a use for it, but I use an Apple Watch. You guys should sell these like hotcakes for the Alexa integration alone.
Way to go Wyze!


I see you say there is a microphone for voice, and no speaker, but what about a Bluetooth connection to a headset for the ability to take/make calls? That is how some of these other fitness devices with no speaker allow that ability.


More info on the support pages…
Edit: Well I guess it’s actually the same info or less… Whoops