Wyze Band Display Stays On

Starting today I’ve noticed that the display on the Wyze Band is staying on, not just when I tap on it or raise to wake. This really drains the battery on the band, as it went from 90% to 30% in about 4 hours.

I just updated the firmware yesterday to, so I’m assuming that it has something to do with that update. Restarting the device helps temporarily, but after I pulled it off the charger it continued to stay on.

Wyze App v2.12.31
iOS 13.6

I think this issue is related to another issue where I keep seeing an old notification over and over - Wyze Band Repeated Old Notifications

I turned off notifications in the Wyze app and now the band display goes dark as normal.

The Wyze app upgraded to v2.12.50. Additionally, when working on another issue 688293 I was asked to clear the cache file in the app (Account tab > App Settings > clear Cache File), I am now able to turn on Notifications and the display does not stay on. Not sure if the app update or clearing the cache file fixed it.

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