Wyze Band: display seconds (second hand)

It would be great to have seconds displayed on the wyze band. It would be good for interval training and even better for first responders and nurses who have to administer medical aid. To do a proper medical assessment you need a second hand to calculate pulse rate.

The clock face needs to allow for 24 hour time and also display seconds.


It would be nice if the Wyze band had at least one watch face option that would allow you to see how many seconds have passed since the last minute.


This feature is imperative to anyone who wants to wear their Wyze Band and happens to work as a doctor, nurse, or physician’s assistant. I assume the reason it was not initially included is due to the power consumption and batter drain that may result from counting seconds.

Maybe there could be an alternative watch face that can be selected from the band that would show the time (with seconds) that also kept the band face on for a minimum of 1 minute. Obviously the user would know that using this feature would consume more battery and require more frequent charging. Something that I would happily do.