Wyze Band Display Layouts

Please add more, or customizable, display layouts for the Wyze Band. The date displays seem designed for young eyes only. Sizes are fine for the clocks, but I often need my reading glasses to read the date and day of the week, despite the fact that much of the screen is unused.


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Thank you.

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Yes a customizable display where you can choose to display am/pm, day of week, month, and date in any order you want. Have the option to hide/display any of these items. Not sure if that’s possible though. I know Fitbit versa had some customizable watch faces but I wasn’t sure if it’s a technical software limitation or not.

Yup, would just love the specs on making own screens or displays. what variables are used, and we can test on placement and functionality. and whether through the app or another util to push the faceplates up. Let some of us tech and geek out on this.

btw - loving the battery life so far. works great for my wife. think its easily on aweek or more before recharging. compared to my Samsung which is 1-3 days. varies depending upon usage

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I’d like to be able to customize the display layouts also. None of the displays work well for me. I kind of like the 2nd one. It’s readable, but I’d prefer a 24 hour display, remove the AM/PM and add the month. I want a normal looking display with the day of the week and month. Preferably with things at the top and bottom like that display has so I can find a background that works with it.

Installed the Band update, but it doesn’t have a clock face with battery status any more. How am I supposed to know when it is time to recharge the battery before it goes dead when I need it. One step forward and two back!

Which update are you referring to? I have fw v1.0.6.78 and there’s a battery status with the time. Also v1.0.6.43 had the same type of display.

I don’t know the version number, but it was an upgrade that came out within the last week. After installing it, the very small and dim battery icon was no longer showing on the one watch face where it had been. In addition, the Android header symbol for Wyse being active changed from a large dot to “Wyze” after the upgrade. No problem there, but I want the battery charge level icon back, preferably larger and more bold. You may want to check your band settings and see if you have the most up-to-date version. If not, and you like the battery life icon, you may want to avoid upgrading until the icon is returned in a future version. Unless I am missing something in the Wyze Android program, there is no way to know when the band is about to stop working. Hopefully, it won’t happen during a time when you need to know the time or to run one of the band functions like heart rate.

PS: Just checked my Android Wyze App verison; it is v2.10.80, so you are either behind on app updates, or you are using an iPhone and Wyze has a different numbering system for their version numbers.