Wyze Band Daily Weather Reminder Stuck

Ever since I updated the Firmware last week to on my band, my daily weather reminder has not updated. It has pushed out the same Rain and temperature range each day at 10 pm. I have restarted the band and it didn’t fix it Just wanted to report a potential bug here.

Please submit the log through the app as well if you haven’t already. Wyze Band > top right ( … ) > Report an Issue

I haven’t used the weather much because I have to click on the band to sync it in order to get an update. Much faster to just look at the weather app on my phone.

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My Android phone app has been crashing a lot lately for some reason. I’ll be checking on either the Band or my v2 Cams and it will just suddenly shut down. I’ll tap the icon to launch it, see the Wyze splash screen, then it shuts down. It will do this over & over until I restart my phone. This happens at least once per day - sometimes twice. Not sure why this is happening, but it has only been doing this in the past week or so (since the latest update).

I don’t know what the problem is with your phone app. It doesn’t seem to be specific to the wyze band since you said you were opening a v2 cam and it shuts down. You might want to check with customer support on that issue.