Wyze band crashing/rebooting while taking shower

3rd time in a row makes me think my band is defective. Within a minute of stepping into the shower it crashes/reboots and shows that little white bar until about 5mins after removed from water and dried.

ticket 8570 has logs

I guess I’m the only one having this problem?

Any way to get ahold of support? multiple tickets unanswered for days.

The support group is apparently swamped, hang in there someone will get to you.


No response to any of my support tickets…

nobody else suffering this problem?

Wow, a month is way too long to wait. I am not sure what to advise you. If you see a post from anyone at Wyze try messaging them.

I just take mine off in the shower, I think the water droplets swipe the screen till it ends up rebooting.

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oh that’s interesting, the engineer in me wants to run some tests.

i would be really surprised if that’s what is happening. the unlock mechanism is very difficult for me to even do with my finger. It would have to be a firehose to unlock mine. And my band crashes/reboots very quickly as soon as exposed to water. It would take me longer to unlock it and get to the settings and reboot it.

I think you’re on to something. A simple slow stream of water under the faucet and the band goes nuts with ghost inputs.

I would not expect water to be registered as someone tapping as fast as a Tasmanian devil on the band.

i just saw a video that the apple watch actually has a shower/water mode you can put it into. I think to prevent this type of thing from happening, but I’m not really sure what it modifies. I know that afterwards it has another function that will blow water out of the speaker.

I get the same results. Went swimming with a 70% charged band and now I have a black screen. No response from the watch.

I’ve noticed while in the shower when the water hits the screen acts like it is being touched. I’ve tried to keep it directly out of the path of the water but today I looked down when I turned the water off and noticed it was on the pairing code screen.
Evidently it made it’s way to the factory reboot screen and wiped out my data for the day, or it just crashed it thinking the screen was being “touched” so much.
So long you lovely 14,777 steps :frowning: