Wyze Band Compromises and Fails

Well I received my replacement Wyze band due to the first would not power up after 1/2 day use .
Set it up and it is working ok . Since I was sharing my account with my wife and I found that you cannot have a Wyze band while sharing an account in the same household will cause issues I set up a new account for my wife and shared all of my cameras and sensors .
Here are the compromises with sharing cameras and sensors to another account :

  1. Her account is not on the beta person detection so she will not get person detection.
  2. NO notifications for any Contact or motion sensors. - This is CRAZY … FAIL !
  3. Her account cannot reboot cameras or make any adjustments to the IR lights or detection zones. FAIL …
    Always compromises when purchasing Wyze products . Buyer beware .
    Wyze is trying to capture a market of IOT and make it easy to setup and operate. I see as they venture into other products they are failing on making it integrated and simple . Too many compromises
    I will be requesting a refund on the Wyze Band …