Wyze Band clasp broke while on wrist (photos)

Yesterday afternoon, I was watching a show and felt a dull sharp object under my new Wyze Band. I proceeded to take off the band then observed a tiny piece falling off from near you would unlock the band to switch the bands. I’ve never attempted on changing the bands as I liked it from out of the box.

I took a few photos right after it happened, then placed all of them on a table and took a few more photos. You can see that the covering somehow cracked and is still dislodged inside the clasp. Note sure what to do besides share here and look for advice.






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First thing is to call Customer Service and let them know what happened.

Or you can open a ticket through the app and attach the photos. Once you have a ticket number, call CS and follow up.


On the phone now in queue to speak with someone.

So, talked with support. They are going to replace… the entire band?!? Okay.


same with me my band broke in the same spot, it looks like the band needs a thicker plastic arch inside or change it from plastic to sterling silver or some kind of sweat proof material.!

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Hope I don’t lose my Band because of this issue. I wear mine all the time, except while in the shower, and I’m afraid I wouldn’t notice it’s gone until it’s too late.

Mine has broken in a similar way.

I know there are replacement pieces in the spare band bag, but I’m not sure they will last / fit either.

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It should have come with some extra plastic pieces. Mine came with an extra band and 2 extra plastic clips used to hold the band in place. I agree, the design aspect of these are not that great as I broke one on the first day but luckily they gave us some spares.

I completely agree with you too Baddack! There should include like 10 of them.

This product doesn’t need extra pieces, it will just break again. What it needs is just a better quality plastic.

agreed or just stainless steel parts where it matters most.

I have had the identical problem. Were you able to get the small piece out of the clasp on the face side?

Yes, but I had th assistance of my wife because the piece was too small. I believe she ended up using a small eye glass tool.

It’s a $25 device, using stainless steel parts would not be cost effective. But using better plastic would be.

I just wish Wyze would have used a display that actually used the entire screen. The display is small enough but when the usable area is almost half of that, then it becomes less useful and impossible to see the tiny print and icons.

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I actually really like the sport band but mine broke a couple days ago. I don’t even know how it happened, I just looked down one day and there was a gap between the device and the strap. Turns out the hole that the little peg that keeps the strap in had broken. No idea how I would’ve done that?

I would contact customer support to get it replaced. I moved your topic here as well.

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Wyze needed to use a better plastic in this area. I know it’s only a $25 device but still, it’s disappointing that they used sub standard parts in this area and didn’t properly test it prior to the release.

Is there a functional or economic reason they didn’t just equip this with a standard watchband spacing? I think there are only a couple of common systems / widths.

I think at $30 they can make that part stainless steel. $30 with ALEXA making a wireless Alexa Watch? Sounds about perfect. If they can make a talking Alexa watch and charge me $40 I would buy it.

First, I had the broken retainer pin, robbed one out of the alternate band, that fixed that, but the other day, the band was loose again, and the pin dropped out, and the watch face and band separated enough to where I can see the band itself is breaking as shown in a previous post on this thread. I’ve had a number of watches in my lifetime (yes, I’m so old, I toot dust), and I’ve just never had a problem like this with any device I’ve worn on my wrist.

I do have one “sports band” where the band itself broke but it that was a combination of the material and how the band thinned right at the point where it broke (no strain relief in a high flex area).

I like the original band that it came with, and I’m worried that this band will fail completely, so I’m not in any hurry to switch to it.

Also, I’m not exactly “Mr. Active”, so I don’t think I shouldn’t really be having this much trouble. I will say the Wyze band does catch on things from time to time, but so did my other bands and that was never a problem.

I like the Wyze band (although it seems to lose connection to my phone all the time - just when I want to use the shortcut that I use to turn my Wyze bulb over my bench on and off), but these things are preventing it from being indispensable - like a product like this should be.

Cheap isn’t good if you can’t use the product - then it’s not cheap, it’s worthless. For a few cents more, I don’t think this would be a problem. It would be nice to have Wyze address the problem instead of ignoring it.