Wyze Band Charge time

The battery life is consistent to about 7 days and I have the watch set to take my pulse every 10 min. What I have noticed is that the time it takes to charge is getting longer and longer. I am using an Ipad charger which the first time I charged it probably took an hour. having charged it 3 or 4 times now it is up to three hours.

@InfAmos I was checking my heart rate every 10 min and noticed my battery drained faster. I changed it to every 30 min and my battery stays charged longer. I can go 10 to 12 days on a full charge depending how active I am.

I use my phone charger to charge the band and it only takes an hour to charge. If you continue to have an issue with battery charging, I would contact Wyze support.

Ok, ya I am going to try the next charging cycle and see how it does. When I used a traditional 2.5amp phone charger it took even longer

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