Wyze Band - Change band

Changing the band to the “normal” one is not for sissies but it certainly feels better on my wrist now that it is done.

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I agree on both fronts. I also wish the straps’ mount points were a little more mainstream like a fitbit or Apple watch. I make leather wristbands for smartwatches and was really looking forward to designing something for the Wise Band. After several failed attempts, though, I’ve resolved to stick with the OG plastic band :confused:.

You mean the watch style band is the normal one right? Yeah I had to use a flathead screwdriver to swap out the bands. It is definitely not made so that you can switch them out conveniently and quickly.

However, I hope these bands don’t break like the Fitbit charge 2 or alta hr. I had to get the bands replaced like 4 or more times within a year because there’s a design flaw where the piece that connects to the band is made out of cheap hard plastic. It is susceptible to breaking after normal wear and tear after a few months.

Interesting, because the video Wyze did to show how to change the band made it look very easy.

Yeah. It’s easy to replace when you designed the band :joy: :joy: Not so easy for us. Especially with no instructions in the box. I wound up breaking the plastic piece inside the strap trying to figure it out.

Then I take it that you didn’t watch the video, prior to replacing your band. But I agree there is a lack of documentation for this product.

I only found the video after digging through the forums. And at that point, it was too late.
I thought it would be something like a push down tab. This is the first time I see a watch strap that requires removing a plastic tab. And even doing that felt like I was going to break it.
The good thing is, I don’t have to worry about the strap breaking off like some others do. It definitely has a sturdy connection.

My biggest complaint is how small the usable screen is compared to the face area. It’s way too small, almost 50% less. But maybe Wyze should of had it come with a normal watch band attached to it, instead of what it actually comes with. I’ve had mine pop off numerous time already and am thinking I might switch the band.


I definitely agree with you about the screen size. I feel like there’s a lot of wasted black space for no reason.

I think the issue is, the band is just a slightly modified version of the Chinese xiaomi mi band 4, which has the same screen specs and strap as the Wyze band.

If wyze were to do something that would significantly change the manufacturing process, they probably wouldn’t be able to sell the bands for $30.

If you’re going to change the band, be gentle removing the tabs. I replaced mine the first time it popped off my wrist.

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Yes, I think watch style. Not the one where you have to force a peg into a hole with your third hand while holding the device on your wrist. :upside_down_face: I swap out Fitbit bands almost daily, never had one break. I just looked at it and I think I’d have to work to break the piece connected to the band.

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Your watch band didn’t come with paper instructions? Mine came with a little piece of paper that showed how to remove and replace the band. I knew there was a video floating around the forums but the paper one sufficed.

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It still was not easy to pry that itty bitty plastic piece out. I am sure it or the equally small and fragile pegs will get lost or broken if I change the band very often. It doesn’t seem to me like an intelligent method. As long as the price stays low people will probably live with it - but there may be a lot of questions about replacement pieces.


Yeah I agree if you replace the bands often those plastic pegs can break or get lost…I don’t plan to replace my band though. I’m just sticking with the black one for now.

Mine did come with instructions, but I only read the quick start guide that was in the box. I tried to remove the strap before opening up the replacement. I didn’t really think they would have anything else inside.

It was only after the strap broke did I take the other strap out of its sleeve, see a piece of paper with instructions, and swear at myself for not checking everywhere before attempting to remove it.

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