Wyze Band Battery Life

I’ve had my band for 3 days, it has been on the entire time and the band is still at 98% battery life. Does this thing have an insanely good battery? Or should I expect it to rapidly drop in the coming days?

I’ve had mine on since Friday morning, been playing with it a lot, and it’s at 79%…I’d say that’s pretty good, but obviously you’ve got me beat though.

I got mine yesterday, and it’s been at 97% and hasn’t changed. This must be a bug.

I had mine for only 30 hours so far. Started at 100%. Its now at 67%. Not sure what is going on. I turned off the bpm which was checking my heart rate every 10 minutes. Did that 5 hours ago. Battery still dropping at a steady rate. I’m hoping I dont have a faulty battery. I’m not even using this thing that much. Mostly using as a watch and pedometer.

Mine’s finally dropping, but very slowly. Down to 94%, from 97% this morning, so maybe it wasn’t stuck after all. If this keeps up, the battery life will be two weeks or more, which would be pretty incredible. Of note is that the Bluetooth icon is sometimes disabled on mine, so my phone must be doing some power saving optimization when the app isn’t front and center, and/or when my phone’s screen is off. However, the shortcuts still work, and it seems to reestablish the connection as needed. I guess I got lucky, for now.

Wow, that’s interesting. It did seem to not change for a couple days for me, but not a whole week. Maybe if it never connected to Bluetooth it could last forever?! :joy:

11 days on and battery still at 52%. Pretty impressive. It does have issues staying connected to my phone so maybe that’s a factor.

Charged mine 5 days ago and it’s at 26%.
Not very impressed.

Also used it in my pool. When I placed it under water it switched to the Alexa mode.
Will probably go back to using my Fitbit.

Also not happy I have to keep the wyze app open for the watch to update. Don’t need to do that with the Fitbit.

I got my band on 4/11 so I’m on day 10 and I’m at 33% battery. That’s awesome but with that good of battery life, I wish I could adjust how long the screen would stay on. I find that it stays on for a frustratingly short amount of time and would rather have it stay on longer even if that means I have to charge it once a week or every 5 days instead of twice a month.

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I’ve had my band for several days now. At first the battery seemed good now I’m loosing charge at an alarming rate. Like this morning I was at 45 percent when I came to work then 2 hours later 20 percent an hour later 10 percent and it shutdown around lunch time. What’s the deal?

I don’t think that the battery life scale is correct or linear. I mean my watch said 100% for 2 days haha. Maybe it will get better with a few charge discharge cycles if it is capable of adapting. Maybe not…

UPDATE: Yesterday (4/22) I woke up with the band around 20%. By about 2pm it had died. I had changed some of my notification settings so that I was getting more notifications than I had previously been getting. Maybe that has something to do with it. Maybe the battery just died really fast at the end? In either case, it lasted WAY longer than I expected.

I’ve had the Wyze band a couple of weeks now and I’ve gone through a few charging cycles. Each time I charge to 100%, it seems to only go down a few % over the first couple of days but then after that it’ll start rapidly decreasing. Yesterday was the worst case so far. I started out the day in the 60% range and by the end of the day the band had shut off, presumably because the battery ran out.

I have the same problem with my band. Tossed it in the trash.
I’m done with wyze. Looking to replace my 5 cameras with a more reliable option. Maybe Arlo or ring.
Seems like every time they update the software more problems creep up.

When I first got my Band it was at 93% and it lasted 9 days. Since then it has updated firmware a few times and I get nowhere near that type of battery life. At this rate I might go back to my fitbit. It had better battery life than this. Granted, I do get a lot of notifications throughout the day but it should be better than 2 days. My LG Urbane Android watch got 20+ hours of battery life with the same amount of notifications and I had the screen on all the time. I’m not getting much better than that with the screen off.

The other issue I have noticed is that the screen on when you turn your wrist isn’t working as well as it did when I first got it. It was working really well at first but now I have to touch it half of the time to get it to come on. I loved that when I first got the band and was able to see the time on it easily. That’s my same gripe with the Fitbit.

Anyone else still getting progressively worse battery life or not coming on when you turn your wrist?

My guess is that so many are complaining about the battery life that on one of the firmware updates they cut back the screen on time to try to improve the life.

Only a guess. But just another example of wyze’s lack of proper software implementation. They have a very poor history of it.

That seems a little dramatic…

I’ve done all of the firmware updates and have never had an issue with battery life. I do however have the same feelings about the raise to turn on the screen feature. It’s always been a little harder/slower to use than I’d like. Honestly, I’d even prefer to have to charge my band more often in exchange for that feature coming on more often instead of less often.

I got my band I think on April 11th and now that I’m almost a month in, I think I’ve charged it three times? One of those times it was still at like 40% though. The battery life has not been an issue at all for me.

UPDATE: It seems like I’ve been experiencing less reliable battery life this week. I charged to 100% overnight on Sunday. It’s now Wednesday afternoon and I’m at 60% battery, so I’ve already lost 40% since Monday morning. Honestly I’m not mad about it because it’s not a hassle to recharge like once or twice a week if it gets to that but it’s definitely not the same battery life that I was getting at first.

Don’t think it’s dramatic at all.
After the last cam update 3 of my cameras will not record motion or send notifications. And 1 does not work at all. They all worked perfectly before the update.

The battery life on my band was great until the last firmware and app update that enabled the step goal and sedentary timer. After enabling those I was lucky to get two days on a full charge, maybe only 1 day. I disabled both features in the app and am back to excellent battery life. I’d like to use the new features but not with that much effect on battery life.