Wyze Band battery last 2 days

We had purchased 2 bands. My band has been okay. However, my wife’s band has been giving her some issues.

At first, she kept getting notifications every 5 minutes to activate Alexia which she did not want to do. Called support and they said it will be fixed on a possible firmware.

Now after a firmware, her battery drops in less than 2 days for her band.

One thing I want to add is I haven’t really taking mine off however, there was one point where the band didn’t report any activity for a few hours on mine.


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@VipeNess I am noticing a similar pattern of performance on mine after the recent firmware update, too.

I do have some extra notifications on, and Alexa is enabled, too - so this may be affecting my time output…But to lose an entire week of battery time? Pre-firmware update I was getting close to 10days w/o need for a charge. After the update, however, I’ve already had to re-charge it after less than 3 days use.

I am going to disable notifications and the Alexa integration shortly to test the battery life further, but I was beginning to wonder if it had to do w/ exposing it to water in the shower after several workouts…Thanks for your note, however - I’m glad to see I’m not alone.

@VipeNess, please send a log as shown here in this post.

ticket 12073

I am please with the most recent Wyze band firmware update.
#1 I believe it will no longer keep annoying me with the attempt to launch Alexa if the band has not been “swiped up” which will help A LOT with not annoying me when I sleep or accidentally allow it to contact skin while sitting around doing nothing. This is a BIG issue that you appear to have fixed. Good job Wyze!
#2 While it isn’t something I asked for, the notifications to get up and stretch/move (sedentary) are not bad, and the ability to set my own steps target is cool, as is the “congrats!” notification when you hit your target. Saw these today. Not bad.
#3 I am having zero issues with battery life. It usually last about a week. Not sure why others are having issues. Sometimes it seems to zero out steps data when I put it on the charger though. And it sometimes doesn’t sync 1st try after I take it off the charger. 2nd or 3rd try usually does it.

Alexa keeps popping up constantly on the band still asking to hook it up. I don’t want to and want it to stop nagging me every 5 minutes.