Wyze Band - battery check on band?

Is there a way to check the remaining battery level on the band?

I know that you set Battery Level to show up on the main clock screen, but if we don’t want that, is there another place to see the battery level?



No, there isn’t. The only other way at this time to check the battery level is through the app.


Yes you can view the battery level on the watch. Open the wyze app, open the band and go to settings for the clock face.

But in all honesty. Since the battery life on mine has been so bad, 2 to 3 days. I tossed mine in the trash.
Went back to using my Fitbit.

Guess you didn’t see the initial reply from 21 days ago, to the OP.

Why do people answer posts, without first reading the entire thread?

On the Band, go to Settings and it will show the battery level. Firmware version


Read the other posts, before you post. This was already answered like 21 days ago.

David asked for another place to check the battery level other than the main screen. Previous post said “not at this time” and to use the Wyze app. I provided another method of checking the battery level from the Band.

Oh, okay.

Just got my Band and don’t see any where I can check the battery level! Also is there an online manual so I can figure out some of the settings on the Band?

I found if I go to settings in the Wyze app on android phone you can set battery level to either on or off on time screen!