Wyze Band band replacement

Has anyone been able to replace the original band with the band that has the traditional clasp? I tried removing the original band and can’t figure out the process. I acknowledge my own inabilities in many matters…

Hi, @CharlieATL! Here is a video on how to change the strap. Jump over to this thread here. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you. I couldn’t get the pins out last night and was afraid I’d break the thing. The replacement band is easier to use and just as comfortable.


You’re quite welcome! :+1:

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I had a problem trying to get the band strap off as well. There were no instructions included in the original box on how to remove the strap.

Most other smart watch straps that I’ve tried, have either a push in tab, squeeze pins, or just Slide off. I wrongly assumed this was the case with the Wyze band and wound up breaking the plastic on the inside of the strap😢 good thing I didn’t break the actual device.

I did see the instructions inside the sleeve of the replacement “buckle” strap but by then, it was too late. I hope Wyze includes strap replacement instructions in the quick start guide, maybe a QR code to the video would help. I’m sure others will inevitably fail at properly removing the strap as well.

Also, the tabs that you are supposed to remove are very delicate. I broke one of those trying to remove the other side of the old strap. Maybe including extra tabs or whatever they’re called would be a good idea. You can’t frequently exchange bands without one breaking.

I am looking for more chargers for the watch. Right now if you lose the one that came with the watch your out of luck

Looking for a replacement for the strap pin/tab, please?

Both Band straps are junk in my opinion. The Snap style kept unsnapping on me and I almost lost my Band. The traditional clasp style keeps coming out of the loop that is supposed to hold the end flap, mine pops out all the time and then the strap just flaps around. Wyze should have used a velcro strap or at least a strip to hold down the end strap.