Wyze Band Available For Early Access!

Oh, thank you for explaining that. If no speaker, could you please elaborate on exactly what Alexa can do on the band? Is it the same or different than the Alexa app on Android?
I think I read that it accepts voice commands to Alexa? Is that correct or are they only given by touch? How does Alexa acknowledge the command?
Anyway, I’m glad I pre-ordered and am excited to get it. A Wyze purchase is a wise purchase! LOL! Something new to experience.

I have not tested the band myself so I don’t have many answers. I do know that it does have a microphone. You may find the answers you seek here:


I don’t know the answer but I know they said you could pull outs up on the band so I would think maybe you could pull the calendar app up? We haven’t really been giving a lot of exact details so I don’t know. I would like to know can we live stream our cameras on it? Has that been answered

When can Canadians order the band?

That has been answered, I will have to find the actual post, but it was over on Facebook. I have also verified with WYZE and you will not be able to view live feeds on the band.

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On the AMA video, Arthur said that you can ask Alexa to set a timer. Not sure if you can see it count down or not though… Did you see them say they do not have a timer? A built-in timer would be nice instead of using Alexa though.

Does the wyze band in fact allow you to view live camera feeds? Obviously no sound but can you view? Thanks

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That’s what I have been wanting to know

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All the features of the Wyze band are listed on the page and video referenced by the original post in this thread. :slight_smile:


Awsome smart home detection.

I’m almost in the same boat! The Wyze Band is only the second electronics I have ever pre-ordered a first edition of. The first and only other time was when I pre- ordered and purchased the first ed. Macintosh from Apple in March of 1984 after their SuperBowl commercial!
May that be a good omen both for we consumers and for Wyze!

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I totally agree. Love my Wyze cams, and the sensors. Was there really a huge demand for a scale? I mean, why not put all that effort into the outdoor cam, or other sensors or cams. The band, ok, it serves a purpose. I have a Miband, I doubt I would switch it for the Wyze band though. I really wonder what the incentive was, especially for the scale.

@Wyze band. Will it be different color bands we can buy?

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Hi, @CDballs! Currently the smart band is only available in black but different colors will be an option later. :slightly_smiling_face:


WyzeGwendolyn, I would be pleased to support your wyze Band release, however. the critical use case I see for my family is using it as a dedicated presence sensor. Unfortunately. neither Google nor Amazon do any presence sensors that work consistently. The best available would probably be a Samsung presence fob or the webCoRE implementation using your iPhone or Android with a SmartThings hub. I have also used Life360 App with some, but not reliable experience.
I have been testbedding an Arduino based dongle and a BLE sensor. My findings are that geofencing is unreliable, Wifi presence is unreliable, motion sensors for occupancy require extensive sensor units and are problematic.

A combination of NFC, WiFi/ZWave and BLE signals could provide a robust multi factor verification.

Given your foray into IOT security with your new lock system, getting automation triggers firing reliably becomes a possible personal security risk!

If tripped erroneously, access could be given to an unknown stranger. or a resident is stranded outside due to the inability to reliably fire a lock release upon sensing and verifying their presence.

I realize that you do not have the firmware deployed to the band that we are low pressure is triggering. I am assuming that if I were to pick your the band ahead of time, any firmware updates allowing that trigger would be field deplorable???

Apologies if this was answered already; didn’t see an answer in the first few dozen comments.

I love the idea of the Band, but have committed to Google Home and have zero interest in Alexa. Do you have any plans to add Google Home/Assistant integration? If not, is this at least a possibility?


Arthur said in the early access forum “Sorry about that. We just learned that there might be a tricky way to implement Google Assistant SDK in our current system and we are researching it :wink:

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I’m not convinced that Google rules, but I’m avoiding Alexa for no reason other than to keep my setup as simple as possible. Unfortunately, I can’t consider the Band unless/until Google Assistant works easily and reliably with it.

I can’t find anything in the forums yet to let me know if that’s a possibility, but as soon as I’m assured it is, I’m in!

You have to be kidding right? Nothing as simple as Alexa and it is reliable. Works without failure. I have always been a big proponent of google until the last few months. Alexa changed all that period!

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Jaboj73 - I’m with you I’ve done both too. I haven’t had any problem with either system except, been ng into weird crap that doesn’t make it on Spotify, I just love my YouTube music. Amazon’s system is fantastic But they’re privacy policy sucks. Their voice recognition isn’t as good as Google’s but their newest hardware is right on par with them now.

For those of us that just made the switch to Google from another system and are also big fans of Wyze though… blow up Google’s help pages / forums!