Wyze Band Available For Early Access!

@minionsweb, Have you actually asked Wyze about it via a Support Request? If so, and if you’ve not gotten a prompt reply, please post your support ticket number here so we can try to get Wyze to escalate it.

My “orders” area of my Wyze account said it was “packing” until the other day. On that day the tracking changed to “shipped” and “out for delivery.” I received it that same afternoon. Wyze is in WA and I am in SC, so I doubt this was correct. Its pretty clear that the USPS had my package for most of that waiting time. I trust a private business (like Wyze) to be accurate, true, and correct, MUCH quicker than I trust any government bureacracy (USPS) to tell me the truth, be accurate, efficient, (ie not lazy) etc. Tracking at USPS is not reliable in my experience.

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I find usps to not be the best, but it definitely has been off a lot with the pandemic. My Wyze band was listed as coming Wednesday for a long time, but I knew that info was wrong because on Monday it had already arrived in Indianapolis, which usually means it’s coming the next day. So it actually changed at the last minute and listed Tuesday, when it was out for delivery.

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Thank you! EXACTLY! USPS, UPS, FedEx, Instacart etc. have all been off during this worldwide and national pandemic; many of us are home-confined under dr.'s orders and wait 5 days just for food and necessity deliveries from nearby stores! It is wrong to be bashing people at Wyze for delivery problems over a $25 wrist toy when the whole world has been turned upside down and many workers in industry and delivery services are home sick and/or dying.
Some of the disproportionately bitter, threatening complaints on this board make it appear that they come from an alternate, comic-book universe where delivery of a nice little electronic toy is more important than people’s lives.
“What did you do during the Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020, Daddy?” “Oh I raised bloody hell about waiting too long for my wrist band!”

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Now at 3 weeks.

I like a trail of emails, so that I have evidence of
conversations and commitments in writing.
Legally accepted paper trails only.

Chats’ cache is dumped after completed, so no record unless I am
to copy & paste, which of course, can be denied.

What I have done is:
Tried to get support via email(s).

1 - in response asking me to provide feedback on scale which
garnered me an auto reply, “not monitored”
2 - via the support email link in my account orders pages, again,
“not monitored”

Very quickly becoming not a fan of Wyze.

If you start a request here: Support Request you should be able to capture the email chain that results.


Now also submitted per your link.
We’ll see what happens.
So far every part of the pre-order, scale, bands, & regular items (sense parts)
has been a cluster you know what.

Some posts been moved to the #early-access forum category. It’s okay to discuss ordering and shipping here, but please keep all discussion about Early Access products usage, experience and issues in #early-access until the product(s) have been publicly released.

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Might be a good idea to sticky early access forum section info.
Quite sure there are many other early adopters who have no idea about this section & it’s purpose.

This topic is pinned globally: Reminder about Early Access Forum Category

It should appear at the top for everybody until they dismiss it.


That’s ok, you can set the brightness before triggering on. I use multi step logic to trip on lights at night. if lights are off when motion is sensed, turn on bulbs at 10% and off after 2min of no motion.

@WyzeGwendolyn My wife really likes the scale. She wants the band also. Can I still get in on the WYZE band offer or is it too late?

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Currently, they are not selling the scale or band. They were offered for a limited time during the early access period. You can sign up here so you’ll get notified when it will be available for purchase again.

They will probably announce it on the forum as well.


Wyze Scale was released today.


Wyze Band will be released to the full public later but we aren’t giving a date for it yet. :slight_smile:

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I’m pleased to announce that the Wyze band is now available to the public…it’s been up for awhile actually, just wanted to be funny.


:joy: Well, I chuckled.


lol Great!

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