Wyze Band - App Notifications - Hangouts

Just got my Wyze Band today. Installed the latest update for the Android app.
Notification work for Facebook Messenger, and Text Messages, but do not seem to work for the Hangouts application. Anyone else run into this, or have any idea how i can fix this?


Jumping on to this. I have the same issue. If I can get this to work, I’m getting this band for all of my kids. Thanks.


I am having the same issue not receiving Hangouts notifications. I am also not getting notifications from Nine, my email app (Android). Others seem to be working reliably.

Same. I get SMS notifications just fine but not Hangouts. I’ve tried disabling and enabling the setting for Hangouts after restarting both devices and still no luck. I’m using for the band and 2.10.33 for the app on Android 10.

How are you getting texts to work? When I try to enable it, I get the this permission will be granted after play store grants, what gives?

Pixel 3 latest update and Android 10

you have to update to the beta version of the app i believe for phone and SMS to work

@john81 is correct. You will need to switch to the Beta app if you want all notifications sent to your Wyze band. Here is the directions from one of my posts.

To access the Android Beta app, go to the Google play store and search for Wyze labs, scroll down a bit and tap on join the Beta. Then you can update to the latest Beta App. You can switch back to the production app anytime.
After you install the Beta app tap Band notifications in the Wyze app and allow the notifications you want to send to the Wyze Band. You should be set!

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Check your version of the wyze app. I think you need the beta version which can be opted into in the play store.

see: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7003180?visit_id=637230947239006138-3806957651&p=beta_testing&rd=1

I actually get notifications for images, but not for messages containing only text. Now running version 2.10.36 of wyze app and plugin version 1.3.50.

I as well am not getting hangout notifications. Wish I would as I use hangouts more than text.

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I noticed hangouts do not work either.
Edit: I would report the issue through the app and submit a log. I reported the issue myself too.

Sometimes I’ll get a hangout but it just has the names of the groups of the hangouts. Most of the time I don’t get any notification at all when I receive a hangout message. One time I received a text message and it showed up with a hangout icon too.

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I think notifications for Google Hangouts finally works for me after firmware! I can read the whole message if it’s a hangout from one group. If I get multiple new hangouts from multiple groups then it just says 2 new messages from the names of the groups. That’s understandable though.