Wyze band and wyze watch not geting text notifications and will not sync sence update

update has now made my watches usless for daily use i get wyze notifications but thats all and will not sync i have tryed to remove and reset my wyze band and now can not get it to add back to my phone just get sync fail in app.

My watch 47 is working like a champ on on android 7.1. Just sync’ed this morning


Try restarting your phone, charge the watch all the way, uninstall and reinstall the Wyze app.

how to get update not on google play

@WyzeJasonJ what was the Android setting that fixes Bluetooth stuff? Thx

dont know yet still cant get my band to work

On Android 12 there was a new permission added called ‘Nearby devices’, this needs to be set to allow.

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android 7.1.1

I have all the setting correct and I am still not getting text notifications on my Samsung S21. This happened around the same time as the last app update. All other notifications work but not text messages. Frustrating.


Im in same with you after app upgrade. :frowning:

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