Wyze Band and Scale Shipping Soon and Color Options for Wyze Band

Thank you so much!!! Yes I rely and then it said ticket was resolved/closed and started a new ticket and explained to them what happened and then get a cut and pasted reply with instructions that I have already tried before and still nothing.

I’m sorry about that. May I please have your support ticket number so I can look into it?

I would like to order wyze scale , I missed the early access, when it will be available? If there is a waiting list please add my name.

We aren’t publicly posting the official launch date for Wyze Scale yet but it’s in the weeks instead of months category. There isn’t a waitlist so just keep an eye out for the launch. We promise to be noisy about it. :slight_smile:


Hello Gwendolyn, I am having the same issue not getting my bands with order 001447491. I ordered 3 Wyze bands on 3/24 and got and email 4/20 that they have shipped. Still haven’t gotten anything ! I’ve opened up support tickets to find out order status that keep getting closed . This so frustrating and really makes me think twice about Wyze products in the future. Can you please help resolve this ?

Thanks , extremely frustrated customer.


I will get this info over to Gwendolyn and see if they can get you an answer, sorry that you are having issues getting them

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Thank you Jason !

Oof. That is quite the delay due to a lost package. I apologize for that and how long it took me to get back here.

I was about to send you a replacement when I saw that the Wizard team beat me to it earlier. I’m glad you didn’t have to wait for me!

@WyzeGwendolyn any timeline on when the colored bands will be available?


A recent answer to this question :point_down:


Let’s fix all the issues with the band first and jump into colored bands after please :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Good point!

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Although AFTER they fix all the connectivity issues, I do look forward to the different color bands to match my outfits :rofl:but right now I have a useless piece of crap on my wrist LOL :rofl::kissing_heart:but can’t help myself from supporting a Seattle start up company. Yeah yeah I am a glutton for punishment :confounded::rofl:

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@WyzeGwendolyn any update on when replacement bands will become available? I broke mine lol

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Would love to see colors too!


Oh no! Please reach out to customer support if you haven’t done so yet.

I recently heard about the color options again. I don’t have an ETA but I know it’s moving forward. :slight_smile:


Yellow please! :smiley:


Any update on the color options wyze will be selling? Looking forward to getting something besides classic black😉


I saw a photo recently but I don’t know timelines yet. I’m feeling pretty stoked about it, though!