Wyze Band and Apple Health Not Functioning

Wyze Band refuses to sync with Apple Health. I have 147 steps on my Band, I open Wyze app, select Band, I notice “Sync Success” at top, the Activity panel lists the exact same as my Band but no steps are listed on the activity screen. Also, nothing has been sent to Apple Health.
I have had this issue several times, I have deauthorized integration and reauthorized. Apple Health and Wyze Band are never the same. Very random, when ever I open Wyze app and it syncs I should see the same info in Apple Health. And yes Wyze app is set as the primary Data Source.
Any other tracker or app I have used syncs immediately to Apple Health.

I will add some detail as I have went through the day a bit. My Band shows 5750 steps, the Activity page shows 4925 steps and now that everything is synced up Apple Health shows 4674 steps.

Does Wyze not monitor their own community?

Wyze doesn’t care. You’re not alone. I had a chat agent tell me to try and return the Band to Amazon basically admitting that the “feature” never worked and never will.

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Im seeing sync issues with sleep data to Apple health as well. It will only show the most recent days sleep, even though the wyze app shows days of data for sleep.