Wyze Band and App Question

Okay so I figured out that the Wyze app has to be running in the background on my iPhone to get weather info and use Alexa, but is this now going to drain my phone’s battery faster? I really don’t like keeping apps running in the background on my phone.

As much as any app running in the background will, it will draaw power from your battery. The tradeoff should be the ability to access shortcuts, Alexa and see notifications etc. without opening your phone and lighting up your screen at a minimum.

@Resist Combined with having Bluetooth on all of the time, I am definitely seeing this app draining my phone battery,

My iPhone 7 is almost 3 years old and Battery Health (in Settings) says my phone still has 83% maximum capacity. But since using the band, I now have to charge my phone in the late afternoon to make it through the day.

From what I recently learned, Bluetooth and apps in the background are not supposed to draw power from my iPhone, unless a device (like the Band), sends data. So if I don’t use Alexa, the weather info, periodic hearth rate detection or notifications on my Band, it should have no effect on my phones battery drain.

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