Wyze Band Alexa Built In?

If according to the Wyze Band information is correct Alexa is supposed to be built in to the Band. Yet, if I turn off the Wyze app, there is a connection lost error when trying to activate Alexa. So how is Alexa built in if it needs the app to function?


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I was hoping someone from Wyze or anyone in the know, could answer this for me. I guess it’s just tricky advertising on Wyze’s part about Alexa being built into the Band.

I am not sure what you think built in means in this case. In general it means you can use the device to interact with the Alexa services.

“Alexa” is a service that exists in the cloud. We can interact with the service via a variety of devices via the internet.


Built in means built in. It’s not a play on words. Wyze should have said the Band has access to Alexa, not that it’s built into it.

Ok but just so you know ALEXA is not “built into” any device. Not like you are describing. My Echo’s have very limited functionality if the network connection is lost. The bulk of what makes up Alexa is in the server side not your Echo or other devices. Try it. Shut your modem or router off, then ask Alexa what the weather is. Or ask her to control a plug. Hue lights work without a connection but most devices won’t.

The Band relies on the Wyze app for connection to everything. Alexa is a service that is connected to your Wyze app. So for Alexa to work correctly, it talks to the Alexa service through the Wyze app. Also make sure everything that needs to work correctly (Alexa, apps that you wants notifications from, etc) as location settings turned on.

The Wyze Band could just have easily connected to the internet via WiFi.