Wyze Band - Alexa Alerts Not Working, Double Message Notifications, and Screen Lockout

I did a little searching here, not finding anything that helps.

Is it just me, or is the Alexa Alert feature not working? Anytime I ask to set an alarm, reminder, or timer through the band, not having much luck.

For a reminder it goes… OK, ill remind you at 5:45pm. Followed by Sorry, I wasn’t able to set your reminder.

Timers say, Setting timer for 1min… go to check the Alexa Alerts > Timers… there are no timers set.

Alarms, Alarm set for 1:20pm. Followed by Sorry, there was a problem setting your alarm.

I scream across the room to my echos a lot for these functions. What am I doing wrong with the band that none of this works?

The only other really annoying thing is I get double notifications for my google messages app. Anyone else?

Oh… and is there any way to really lock the screen out on demand? I have noticed shower water hitting this band sends you through the menus and also activates things. Forces me to take it off now.

Still really like the band and wear it every day since I got it. I know you guys are always improving your products, so I am not going anywhere. Actually with the band, looking at buying more Wyze branded plugs and bulbs for the shortcuts. :slight_smile: Any chance those shortcuts could reach into the Amazon realm of devices?


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The band is locked up on me… this is the third time it has happened. Just sits with the menu button lit at the bottom and it is completely unresponsive.

I’d contact support for that. They will be able to help you out better.

Thanks for the reply. I am getting there, just sharing in case anyone else is running into the same trouble. I understand it could be just my band.

Alexa timers don’t seem to be working in the Band. I said “Set timer for 3 minutes”. The band said timer set, but when I check the screen for timers, or ask it how much time is remaining, it says no timers are set.

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Same for me. I have not successful seen any of my reminders, timers, or alarms on the Wyze Band.

same thing with mine. alerts and timers dont work. aggravating

Wyze support helped me out and I no longer have a band that locks up all the time.

I was able to figure out the double notification issue. I am on an android samsung galaxy s10e. In the wyze band notification settings, I had the phone notification and also the google message app both selected. I just needed to remove the selection for the google messages app. Using the default message one was all I needed. The google messages app is set as default on the phone.

The Alexa functionally I would say is completely broken though still. :frowning:

Unfortunately, I couldn’t fix the double notification with your method because I use Android messages with RCS. I unchecked the text message one and left the Android messages for notification but I still get 3 duplicate message notifications each time a message comes in. I submitted a couple of tickets. Hope they are working on this.

FWIW, Amazon states in their fine print that voice control with Alexa requires Android 6 or newer and iOS 12 and newer. So if you , like me, are too attached to your old phone running Android 5, Alexa won’t work on the band. In addition, I suspect Android 5 does not support automatic connection with BLE devices. I could never get my Note 3 to stay connected to the band and had to restart the phone every time I wanted to connect. I can connect seamlessly with my iOS 13+ iPad and Alexa functions perfectly with that operating system. I would like to say that support was helpful, but after 8 emails back and forth they couldn’t figure out, or wouldn’t admit the band won’t function with the old operating systems

I was having the same problem with double notifications. I figured that out but now the problem is that it seems like I get a notification and a buzz (which is really two buzzes “zzzz-zzzz”) for every unread notification. For example:

I’m in a group text with my family. One person texts, one buzz on my band.

If someone responds before I read the notification on my phone, I get a buzz for the new message, then a buzz for the old message.

Someone responds again, I get one for the new message, 2 for the previous messages. That translates to “zzzz-zzzz zzzz-zzzz zzzz-zzzz”.

Again, I think that’s what’s happening but once the notifications start piling up it really starts just buzzing out of control and I lose track. It gets really annoying…

I’m using Google Messages as my default messaging app.

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I think that happens to me too because sometimes I can get a long string of buzzes and it feels like a continuous buzz. I do get duplicate triple notifications that show up on my band with Android messages with a single message though too.

Yeah once it gets past like 2 or 3 notifications it just feels like it’s just going to buzz until it blows up. Once they start piling on top of each other, it’s like they don’t even finish before the next one starts.

zzz-zzz-zz zz-zzzz-zzz-z-zzzz-zzz z-zz-zz-zzzz