Wyze Band after the End of April 2020 update

Hi Wyze team.

Excellent job with the last update, my Wyze Band used to last 2 weeks (14 days) but used to stay on 100-99% for the first week, then the second week it would go from 99% down to 25% before switching off. Now the
Battery display shows a more gradual decline and runs from 100% down to 55% for the first week and from 55% to 1% for the second week. It still lasts 14 days but the battery calculation is now way more accurate.

Now for the issue that needs to be fixed. This happens before the update and after the update. If the Band loses power due to the battery being discharged, after charging the band back to 100% it will not reconnect with the phone, unless you reboot the cellphone. I have tried to restart or force close the Wyze App and that did not do it, I tried disconnecting Bluetooth and that did not do it and I tried rebooting/restarting the Band and that did not do it? It will only Sync again if you reboot the phone and start the Wyze App and until then the Band will display the incorrect time until it re-sync’s. I hope you can find a solution to this in the next update.

Keep up the great work and bringing out fantastic products at cheap prices.

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