Wyze Band Activity Details in App

I noticed that the Wyze Band shows details of the activity, but it is too small to read. The phone app only shows a summary for the day though. Is there a way to see the details on the phone app? Like for sleep, I see that I had periods of deep, light, and awake periods on the app, but I do not know when during the night they happened and for how long.

Android v2.10.33


They show activities on the app, but it is way to small as well. The GUI needs work. The ability to tap to zoom n would be a nice feature, particularly in the app.


I agree and hope that there is some sort of update to utilize the data better. Some way to see the data for sleep patterns would be more useful.


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Currently, activity details can be seen for what you did throughout the day on the Wyze Band screen. While that is nice, the screen is small and after the day is passed you can’t see that daily detail anywhere else. In the app you can see weekly and monthly for the activity, but tapping on the day doesn’t let you see what the break down was. It would be good for steps and heart rate, but more so for sleep tracking. The band shows what the sleep pattern was for the night, but the app only shows large bars for the day…not the hours of the night.

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One more upvote for more detailed data reporting in the app. I’m coming from a MiBand4 and the reporting that application was much better because it actually gave you start-end times for light, deep, awake sleep, etc. It also told you your total deep sleep and compared your stats to averages.


What is silly on this subject is that on the band face itself, the actual time of light, deep, awake is there, although the size puts it in the mouse kingdom. I have even tried to make photos of the band lit and tried to zoom it. How silly that information exists on the band but impossible for any human eye to see, yet does not transfer to the app itself.

Another thing I’ve noticed as well. I believe the stated deep blue-deep sleep, blue-light sleep and orange awake on the app is reversed from the band itself. Many times, when I estimate the percentage of deep blue (deep sleep) on the band, it is always reversed in the app. Hope this is clear. I’m sure the color references are reversed from band to app. Would love to know if anybody else has noticed this.