Wyze App, Web View: Motion Detected on Camera: View Changes to live view of that Camera

Wishlist item: Wyze App and Wyze Web View need to have a mode where the view auto changes to a live view of the camera that just sensed motion.

I have my ‘old’ Samsung Galaxy phone (No Sim, Wireless only) sitting in landscape mode in front of my keyboard while I’m at my PC. I currently have it set to a live view of one of my V3 cams that points out at my front yard and the street.

I have 8 WCO’s, 2 Cam Pan v2s, 5 V3s, 2 V2s and a doorbell Cam.

This should be configurable to change to live camera view when type of motion is a specific category. For example, Only change motion for Person detected, and/or Pet Detected and/or Vehicle detected on a per camera setting.

This should be configurable on iPads, Android tablets and Web View to show multiple layouts, such as four equal size panes for four specific cameras… or one larger pane for the camera that just triggered a live view, and multiple live views of other cameras?

Obviously battery operated cameras won’t participate in a live view unless being powered by a solar panel ?