Wyze App Version 2.6 Releasing Tonight! (11/18/19)

I see in the latest app, I can now go directly to the time of the event in Playback mode.

That’s a HUGE improvement and a giant step in the right direction to make the Wyze cams and app more useful.

Now just sync up the audio and video and we can move on to enhancements. The out of sync audio and video is still a major issue in the basic operation of the product.

Thank you to all involved for providing the instant jump the event time in playback. :+1:


Can we save video locally like during our many internet outages and power failures, my home runs on battery backup and our local FOG networks are on even if internet is down so our local computer vision ai works. Alexa or IOT does not work when internet is down or when we need it most. so have Hot Fog “Home of Things” FOG

That’s what the SD card is for. I have not tested it myself, but there have been reports that the camera continues to record on the SD card even when your internet connection is down.

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yes but we use AI locally for license plate reading with Openalpr.com so we need to move video to our own server to process before saving it.

Seems a bit slower to load the 12 second clips, but otherwise fine. Wyze software is still streets ahead of the other camera’s software I use (Dlink and TP-link).

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It’s been a week. When will it appear in the Google Play store? The store still shows 2.5.28 which was released back in 26 August 2019. Do we have to be in the beta program or side-load an APK to get it?

Did you try to update the app ? if that doesn’t work uninstall the app first then go to the play store and search for wyze app then install it

:smiley: You can’t update an app if Play store says there’s no update. I’ve been in the Play store on Android and on their Web site. They both say 2.5.28. I even happened to get a new phone recently, which, of course, entailed installing my apps. It installed the latest version displayed on the Play store: 2.25.28. Uninstalling and re-installing just givs me 2.5.28, which is the version displayed on the Android and Web versions of the Google Play store.

Do the Google Play Store app and Web site both show a version other than 2.5.28 for you? I don’t understand how that would be possible. (Granted, it’s odd that the Play Store app says it was updated on 26 Aug 2019, and the Web site says 19 Nov 2019. However, they both say 2.5.28.)

Play Store Web site

Maybe Play Store itself also needs updating?

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Did you try it like this.
search for wyze app then install it

Is it an older phone? I don’t use an Android, but my understanding is that most of the phone manufacturers use their own build of the Android OS, which means that when Android releases OS updates, you have to wait for the manufacturer to release its own build of the update. Basically, if your Android OS is outdated, it may be that the August version of the app is the most recent one your phone supports. But I’m just guessing here.

I just loaded the app on my Samsung Tab A and got v2.6.42,
To my dismay.

You wanted an older version?

Yes, I’m in Beta, many times I’ve loaded a V2 FW and needed to roll the FW back.

@qlang243 The Play Store app is automatically updated by Google services.

@HDRock Yes. That’s how I found it in the Play Store app.

@nerdland It’s a new Nokia PureView 9 running Android One (as stock as possible and still run Google services).

I checked the store on a different phone and it shows 2.6.42 in the store. (I also used an incognito tab to check the store on my PC and it shows 2.5.28.)

I’ve since learned that Google will throttle an app’s rollout if the reviews aren’t good. Since Wyze’s rating is less than 4, that’s probably why I still see the older version. I guess I just have to wait longer for it to reach me.

That’s ironic. Given Android One’s objective to minimize late Android releases, it then turns around and holds up releases of Android apps.

The other phone is also a Nokia PureView 9 running Android One. It’s Google, not Android One throttling the rollout. Google is the only entity that controls the Google Services that Android One is forced to license (unless they want to go the route of Amazon’s “Android” tablets and create their own store).

Bottom line is: you have the latest OS but not the latest app. How is that any better?

I’m confused. How is what any better than what? (Also, it’s actually Android 9, because Nokia isn’t quite ready to release their build of Android 10, which is the latest version.)

Regardless, it’s 2.5.28 in the Google Play store app on a Nokia PureView 9 phone, the Google Play store app on a Moto G5 phone, and on play.google.com on my PC in an incognito tab, However, it’s the latest version only in the Google Play store app on a second Nokia PureView 9 phone.