Wyze App v2.0 Launched!



I did mention this earlier but I have reverted back to the old app and have screenshots of both. Please consider going back to your old notification icon, it really popped and was easy to see. This goes for your app icon as well, It is worse on a light background.


Thanks for the explanation, Rick.
Perhaps, since you already have a thumbnail image from each camera saved locally and on the previous screen in the UI, you could use a scaled version of that? Or even a stock image of the WyzeCam would be better than this image – you have to admit that is a strange image to choose to use as a placeholder… :wink:



Do you all have iOS/Android devs on staff or do you contract this stuff out? Please email me. I’m a Product Manager and work with a great third party dev team that could add all sorts of new features to your app (like ability to view in landscape…) in no time very inexpensively.


Can you open the app, go to Help & Feedback and report an issue so that it submits a log and team can investigate? This is a bug but we need the event log so we can collect the device data, trace the API calls/events that happened to replicate the issue.

For swiping, on iOS you can swipe the event video left and right in the video area, on android swipe left/right on the lower half of the screen. You won’t be able to swipe entering push notifications


@davidmac27 Please message me directly, I’m part of the product team and would like to check your solution. We build everything in-house so contracting out might not be feasible. Thanks for your suggestion!


“the camera names look like they are the mac addresses and I can’t swipe to the next or previous event in either direction.”

Just to be clear, this is only happening when I enter the app from a push notice and it did work prior to v2.0 and adding two additional V2s. I can’t say if it was V2 or the multiple camera that caused the issue.


I too have an issue with the motion sensitivity setting freezing in Android when I try to change it. Also, I can no longer set a detection zone in the Android app for the non-pan model which means functionality was taken away!


More duplicate Events on the Event page. Also, I have another “Sound Event” that on the Events page has a time of 8:13AM, but the time stamp on the video is 8:24:08 at the start. Now, if you were really able to push a notice and show me videos of what was going to happen, that would be cool.
iOS 12.1, App v 2.0,18, firmware v. on WyzeCam2.


I don’t like this new version cameras take long time to connect and specialy if its set in HD.
How do I go back to previous version? Anybody.


Haven’t seen this one, need to file this to track.

The new app shouldn’t slow down your connection. Kindly monitor if this persists, and if yes do connect with our support team to help figure out what’s going on (might need to get device and other info to check)


Mark, I think we are mixing apples and orange a little bit here. Two separate issue (1) the on/offline status of the camera indicated on the thumbnail and (2) a separate button on the devices screen to turn a camera on or off. Personally, I think both are good, but the former is the more important.


In the V1 app, when a camera is off, the static preview would show you a “power icon” indicating that the camera is off.

in V2 app, it does not do that. Please bring that back. It helps to know when your camera is off without having to select individual cameras.


To be perfectly honest you should move the shopping etc stuff away to somewhere else in the app. . I own many of wyze cams and I would never order them from here anyway. As most here im sure have learned. Its easier to buy them from amazon. The price is the same but the shipping is wayyy faster by 5 days or more


I live in Canada and would not be able to order directly from Wyze. Even if I could I am not a fan of having the purchase and discover button on the front page. They eat up too much screen that could be used for more useful buttons. If we must have these buttons put them in the Account section.


I still would like to be able to turn on/off motion sensing directly from the home screen, instead of going through 3 screens to get there. This is so time consuming when you have more than one camera.


You can do this with the Shortcuts feature. See this:


I agree. Companys dont realize if their product is good, they dont need to shove it in your face. Consumers word of mouth will sell it and know where to get it. They should just focus on making the product better. I am constantly sharing my experiences with people and how to buy it. I like an app that is functional not sales oriented.


I agree, I don’t know if the cameras are off.
Hopefully just a bug


@WyzeMark I’ve already gone back to the old app so I can’t submit the ticket and give you the event log. I would have to reinstall the app v2 first to submit the ticket.


@joecr I had the same issue with adjusting the motion sensitivity… Please submit a ticket for these issues. I don’t know how they are going to be able to fix all of these ticket items though.