Wyze App v2.0 Launched!



I agree there are too many bugs… I’ll wait for a more stable release. I backed up the old app before installing the new app so I was able to revert back.


I also liked the old camera icon much better .


Yes the old app icon stood out more and matches what the actual product looks like which was cool. I also noticed a major bug where if I leave the app on all night long, the app suddenly turns off and shuts down by itself. That’s not good for people who use them as baby monitors. I had only app V2 installed on my phone which still seemed to mess it up with all the other devices with the old app. :pensive:


Hey Wyzeteam since the new mobile update ive noticed i cant add a wyzecam pan or wyze surge protector from the SHOP tab of new cart. Also noticing on the website when attempting to access the Shopping area to do the same i get a gateway timeout. Keep in mind i can navigate around the rest of the site (and mobile app) just fine. Any reports of issues with ordering wyze products via website or app? I also have screenshots.
Thanks! (note 8 Xfinity mobile)


yesss please I NEEES THIS


We are looking into this


Can specify what other bugs you see that’s not been called out? We are monitoring the issues right now


The flick thru events still exists. Position your finger below the video timeline. Basically in the big white area below the event. Flick booom… This is for android


2.0 represents a lot of work. Thank you all for that. I’m a big Wyze fan (with 16 cameras to back that up…and there’ll be more).

However, I have to say that in some ways 2.0’s overall usability has not been improved (in my experience one day into 2.0):

  1. I miss the 1.x icon. The happy camera lens stood out by design and it’s not blue, which is the most popular app icon color. (I might have kept the original icon and denoted the 2.0 upgrade by changing the color of the stripe along the bottom of the icon.)

  2. Camera names have been shortened in Home/Device view, yet ~25pc of the Home screen is left blank (thumbnail + name + white space). More cameras appearing in the same amount of real estate is great, but this design wastes screen space rather than maximize it. I’d like a fairly traditional iOS option of list or grid view, which would solve a lot of issues here.

  3. I miss the full width thumbnails with full camera name on top left.

  4. Shortcuts icons are larger, slightly reducing the number of visible shortcuts on an iPhone X. Admittedly, we only lost 1/2 of an icon…but.

  5. I believe the brief on-screen notification of a successfully run shortcut has been removed (shortcut icons just pulse momentarily now).

  6. Sign out, which I use when the app or my connection is janky (not often), is not longer one tap away, it’s now two taps. (There are a few other examples of actions requiring an extra tap.)

  7. Filtering events by camera now requires two extra taps in both directions.

The following complaint is fully subjective, but I’m curious if it bothers other users:

Discover and Shop tabs alongside my cameras and event tabs somehow leaves me feeling uneasy. I know my streams aren’t being shared, but I’d like my data tabs isolated from the community and shopping tabs.

A least-worst solution might be placing Discover and Shop underneath a tab titled Wyze:

Home | Events | Account | Wyze

But I’d prefer Discover and Shop be relocated altogether.

Again, I’m a fan and, having worked on software, I know this stuff is more easily torn apart than it is to code. Wishing you all continued success.

Please get rid of discover

Good thinking!


Thanks its working now!


OT, but it looks like you’ve got one of yours mounted outside? I have a few of these cams in various versions, are any of them “weather proof”? If so, that’s news to me! :smiley:


I like the new look but the shop tab and discover tab feel really out of place. The shop tab feels pushy more than a point of convience. The discover tab feels more like social media.


There used to be a switch for audio alerts. Where do I find it now? I want it off. Just visual


My cameras worked great before the update. Now my pan and tilt is pouting and insists on staring at the wall. Gone for the holidays and sure hope I don’t have a break in.


Please fix the color on the shorcuts page! It’s so hard to see the words! I’ve tried inverting the colors but still doesn’t help and I’m not the only one who thinks this. I can’t even use the shortcuts anymore because I can’t see the words against that bright green background! Really disappointed. :cry:


@HDRock Thanks for that tip! You have to swipe in juuust the right spot, but it worked. :+1:


The app was in beta for quite some time before release. Reverting depends on the phone OS: iPhone - no, Android - possibly.


I can’t speak to the prioritization, but I would suggest you hop over to the topic linked below and VOTE for it (button at the top of the page) to increase the chances it will get done sooner…


If you mean sound detection clip recording… tap the gear icon on the livestream view, then Event Recording, then turn off the Detects Sound switch.

If you are trying to turn off the recording of sound altogether… tap the gear icon, then Advanced Settings, then turn off the Record Sound switch.