Wyze App v2.0 Launched!



I’m not sure what the X is. Might be a phone model specific glitch/bug. The bell icon turns notifications on or off globally.


Regarding the shortcut text being truncated along the top …

Why not allow for two lines of 12 characters? My shortcut names tend to be rather lengthy and were being truncated even at 19 characters. I’ve had to further shorten them all so that they’re understandable.

Anyway, if we went with two lines, I could, for instance, name a shortcut …

Guest Room -
Motion Off

… instead of the cryptic name I’m using now …

GRm - mOff


I am not a fan of the new update. In the previous version, it was faster to select which camera to view in the notifications section. Now the feature is buried in a submenu. Another feature you’ve removed is the ability to flick through videos in the notifications section. Now you have to exit the video before clicking on the next one.

Please return the features if possible. For the time being, i will most likely uninstall the update.

Also, the in-app forum doesn’t work properly on android. The keyboard popup blocks the textfield view. Can’t see what i am typing.


How come they removed the percentage number for the detection settings? It used to always display the percentage but now it only shows the percentage when you are adjusting the bar towards high or low. Is there a way to add it back on where you can see what percentage sensitivity you have it set at when it’s just being viewed?

Also, when I’m adjusting the sensitivity of the detection settings, it seems to freeze a lot and say operation failed.


@AnObserver I agree with your comments. It takes a lot more steps to select which camera you want to see notifications for now. I do like the ability to individualize push notifications per camera but I will probably revert back to the old app until the bugs are fixed.


+1 for Personalization options for the exact same reasons. Anybody outside of the USA will find the Store option annoying and the “Discover” option is just a regular reminder about privacy concerns.


Also, I couldn’t collapse the shortcuts at the top like I could on the old app. The wyzecam app also kept shutting down on its own on Android with the new app so I have reverted back to the old app.


FWIW, I’m getting an “unknown device” listing on my shortcuts now.

Also, please keep power button handy. I have certain cameras that I only power up when I’m not at the location so appreciate having the toggle handy for when I’m not using a shortcut. Also, it would be nice for the cam to return to whichever state it was set to, after a power interruption occurs. I’ve had a couple of instances when the power outlet that a cam is connected, cycled. And this caused the cam to restart, and then stay powered on, despite my having manually powered it off prior to the outlet’s power being cycled.


I can still flick through the 12-sec notification videos in v2.0, the iOS version at least.


Perhaps this app should have been in beta before released into the wild so bugs could have been worked out. I am waiting for the finished clean version of this app before I adopt it. Also, I dont believe you can uninstall this new app and revert to the previous version.


I noticed the same thing on my Notifications screen. The “unknown device” message went away after I selected each notification (in order to shorten its name).


Looks like the new app design doesn’t fit well with this model, will share back to team


This is valid. We move this in preparation of adding more and more features in the future, will review this again.

Can you share a screenshot so we can fix?

This seems like a bug especially when it freezes, can you report an issue and add a link to this forum so we can refer back to your post? Let me know after you send it.


Others may prefer it and the Wyze team is likely committed to it, but … I’m not a fan of the new color scheme, in particular the bright cyan color, both within the app and desktop icon. Too distracting for my taste. Also more difficult now to read any text which appears over the cyan, primary because the text is white (thus, insufficient contrast) and the font is too small (thin?). Aging eyes I suppose, but I never had to don the reading glasses in prior versions. :nerd_face: Would you consider a different (darker) shade of blue, similar to, for example, the Skype or CNBC icons?




The new icon blends in with all the others, it is hard to read white text on new color scheme, the old camera icon was very unique. l also find the notification icon way to small

New version is definitely a step forward but to many issues for me (posted in this thread), I went back to the old version for now


Long ago (many updates ago) we were told that turning off IR LED’s and allowing night mode was easily able to be done. Yet many updates later it still never was done, Why?


The app is ok. Not liking all the extra stuff like buying more cameras right in app. I use this app to view event videos. In the old app I was able to swipe to get to the next video. This seems to have been removed in the new app. Anyway we can have that back. It was very useful to me.


Try swiping with your finger at the bottom of the Video , It works for me But it would be much better If you could do it in the middle of the Video Like before

Cannot Swipe Events

@robj-80 Works just as before for me. iOS app version 2.0.18 on an iPad Pro 9.7 … I can swipe to the next/previous event clip either during or after it has played.


So, maybe it is a bug in the Android app , It was the same for me In Android V2.0.17. beta