Wyze App v2.0 Launched!


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Tell me the decision to push out an apparently insufficiently tested major update days before people open these as gifts was a dictate from above? Like adding Discovery and “Buy stuff” vs focusing on core functionality? Well the damage is done.

iOS 12.1 App v 2.0
Some of my “Events” were listed under the wrong camera. Because my push notifications go away if I open the app (they shouldn’t disappear unless I click on them like other apps do), I am not able to say if the push notification is also wrong. I did notice the video going with the incorrect event notice was not only for the wrong camera, but for a different time as well. Pointer problem? That was last night, today they are not there, but I do still have one instance of a sound event from the same camera being listed twice on the Events page. I should have documented it last night, but then again, it’s probably better I didn’t. Sleeping on it was better than counting to ten.

For me, it would be very helpful if the Event time included the seconds on the Events list page. It would be even better if the hr:min:sec displayed on a button that took me to that point in the SD playback. On the actual event page, I can get the seconds off the video time stamp. I do like that the thumbnail on the Events page seems more representative of the actual event trigger. That seems to be an improvement, or maybe just coincidence.

Also, when I come into the app from a push notice, the camera names look like they are the mac addresses and I can’t swipe to the next or previous event in either direction. I haven’t tested different scenarios, but if I reopen the app, the camera names are correctly displayed. If you go to Events list page and select an event, you can then swipe forward or back. Swiping from the push notice worked before, but I also didn’t have multiple cameras, so silly me. On the Events list page, shouldn’t swiping an event notice left delete it?



Several days later, still no update for my family’s Android phones.



Overall, the new 2.0 is a nice upgrade. Every UI change always has pros and cons, and change can be frustrating when you don’t see the benefit in your particular use case.

I do have one issue, and that is that the event thumbnails are not from my camera at all – it is always the same image - a creepy, poor low light image of someone’s kitchen, but it is not mine nor any image that my camera has ever seen. Yes, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, yes, I have re-booted the camera.

Here’s a screen grab https://www.dropbox.com/s/hjryf9ni3uw2nr3/2018-12-24%2008.09.11.jpg?dl=0

Aside from it being annoying, I think there could be a serious privacy issue here if I am seeing someone else’s camera. Who knows what I might see?




Yikes! If really an image from someone else’s kitchen, then yes, some privacy concerns there. You sure this isn’t just a placeholder image?



Here’s a #roadmap topic that you can hop over and vote for that is pretty much just that:



I use this app to view event videos, in full screen mode how to swipe to get to the next video ?
I like the old app better, how do I roll it back ?



I see that same image, but it usually just flashes by on a refresh or something, and then my own thumbnails load. It is weird though!



I think that’s just a “generic” image used as a placeholder. Probably would be better though if it were just a picture of the camera.

For V2/Pan cameras, this would quickly be replaced by a screen grab from the actual camera. However, V1 cameras don’t have the ability to transmit this screen grab, so you will only ever see this generic image on the list until you view the actual video.



I believe those are stock as I have the same static image. They eventually populate with the correct image. Just those appear to be a placeholder.



I did mention this earlier but I have reverted back to the old app and have screenshots of both. Please consider going back to your old notification icon, it really popped and was easy to see. This goes for your app icon as well, It is worse on a light background.



Thanks for the explanation, Rick.
Perhaps, since you already have a thumbnail image from each camera saved locally and on the previous screen in the UI, you could use a scaled version of that? Or even a stock image of the WyzeCam would be better than this image – you have to admit that is a strange image to choose to use as a placeholder… :wink:




Do you all have iOS/Android devs on staff or do you contract this stuff out? Please email me. I’m a Product Manager and work with a great third party dev team that could add all sorts of new features to your app (like ability to view in landscape…) in no time very inexpensively.

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Can you open the app, go to Help & Feedback and report an issue so that it submits a log and team can investigate? This is a bug but we need the event log so we can collect the device data, trace the API calls/events that happened to replicate the issue.

For swiping, on iOS you can swipe the event video left and right in the video area, on android swipe left/right on the lower half of the screen. You won’t be able to swipe entering push notifications



@davidmac27 Please message me directly, I’m part of the product team and would like to check your solution. We build everything in-house so contracting out might not be feasible. Thanks for your suggestion!



“the camera names look like they are the mac addresses and I can’t swipe to the next or previous event in either direction.”

Just to be clear, this is only happening when I enter the app from a push notice and it did work prior to v2.0 and adding two additional V2s. I can’t say if it was V2 or the multiple camera that caused the issue.



I too have an issue with the motion sensitivity setting freezing in Android when I try to change it. Also, I can no longer set a detection zone in the Android app for the non-pan model which means functionality was taken away!

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More duplicate Events on the Event page. Also, I have another “Sound Event” that on the Events page has a time of 8:13AM, but the time stamp on the video is 8:24:08 at the start. Now, if you were really able to push a notice and show me videos of what was going to happen, that would be cool.
iOS 12.1, App v 2.0,18, firmware v. on WyzeCam2.



I don’t like this new version cameras take long time to connect and specialy if its set in HD.
How do I go back to previous version? Anybody.



Haven’t seen this one, need to file this to track.

The new app shouldn’t slow down your connection. Kindly monitor if this persists, and if yes do connect with our support team to help figure out what’s going on (might need to get device and other info to check)