Wyze App Service Outage - 8/22/19

We’re sorry, everyone. I’ll talk to the team about the suggestions posted here and we are working to fix this problem as soon as possible.

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I am not at home so I can’t tell if shortcuts are working, but I am still getting events and can see my cams

No events but cameras are working and bulbs are very slow to respond.

Thank you for letting us know.

All my stuff is working must be regional.

Why do I have to come to the forums to find this out? When I go to service status in the app, there’s nothing there?

Also all of the shortcuts in the app disappeared during this outage

I also have the same issues with the Amazon Server not connecting to see our 12 sec. notifications, I just told my friend who recently also bought this Camera that most likely the service to the Amazon Servers has issues I was right !. I just found this search via the date “August 22 2019” to find that it’s true the services were down. Thank-You for being on Top of this … it will help stop the flood of people’s complaints on this Message blog.


I’m not able to even log in, but my wife can. I keep getting a message “The Internet connection appears to be offline.” when I try to log in, yet my home internet is functioning correctly. Hope they detect and repair the server issue soon!

As of 6 minutes ago, I am functioning again, however, I have 9 iterations of the same event at 1733 hours CST in one of my camera’s events. Another camera is not coming back on line and probably will need a power cycle.

Can’t setup new cam. “Network timed out”

Thank you for looking into that. I just got mine yesterday, I thought something was wrong. Started the process from the beginning again before I found this forum. A lot of wasted time.

@rsg22, Wyze Service is used for turning on person detection. Is that what you were looking at or was there something else? We have a service status page on our website located here: https://support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015979872-Service-Status-Known-Issues

We apologize to everyone here that is experiencing these issues. Thank you for the information that you are providing.

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Please let us know (maybe a notification through the app?) when things are back to normal.

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Looks like I have everything back to normal now

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@JohnKrol, I’ll keep updating this page as we have more information.

@kevinjdoherty1, thanks for letting us know!

Nice comment but I’m not expecting too much since these are the lowest priced cameras on the market and if I was to have security camera set up I would invest a lot more money so there you have it you have to be ready for issues like this. I’ll buy my 2nd camera after this error of the power spike is cleared up and all our Amazon Server based cameras reconnect to Amazon for the 12sec. notifications again.

One of my cameras will not turn on, it keeps saying the operation failed and all of my events are gone. Is this due to the outage?

Seems okay now - yay! If true, that was awfully quick! Maybe just a server reboot?


Surveillance cams.
Lost my events for the day before about 1800 CDT.

Well it’s effecting me here in California so there’s that.

Mine is working now all events, bulbs, cameras, and sensors going strong again. :smiley:

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