Wyze App Service Outage - 8/22/19

@rsg22, looks like that is an old page version that we aren’t using anymore. There’s one right under it called Service Status & Known Issues and that’s the one we updated. I’ll see about getting the team to make the old one no longer visible.

Thank you for letting us know, everyone. I’ll communicate this with the team. We’re continuing to work on this issue and monitor progress.

Trying to set up a new device and it will not connect

See above posts

Mines not working. It went offline. I deleted it. Reset my home internet. Will not let me add my device again. Just ordered a second one. Not impressed.

Me thinks/wonders if this has anything to do with the outage.

You never know it is possible. :man_shrugging:

Edit: But I think probably not because this has happened before just server issues.

Just received my camera and I cannot get it to set up without timing out. I did get a QR code several times but even that quit showing up. Very frustrated.

Camera hosting the hub is down, all others are working. Can’t set it back up as the QR code is still not generating. Glad to find out its an outage and not just my setup!

My cams came back on wyze app but not working on tinnycam pro

UPDATE: I am now seeing events popping up inside app possible captured during the outage and also notifications from cams. However, anyone experiencing delayed motion detection notifications in general?

Outage returns moments ago… Can’t toggle notifications on/off. Events disappeared also

My Wyze sense bridge will not connect after the outage today. I have tried everything I know and it will not stop flashing blue and yellow. Very frustrating

Scanned over the “Complaint” . Doesn’t look good for Wyze. The sooner they shut down the cheaper the fine. Hope I’m wrong


One of my cameras is showing offline no way to get it online you can see through it but it does not record events

I am having trouble logging on

5:23 PM PT - The server load is improving but is not fully resolved with some issues with logging in, automation, and feedback submission. We are performing server maintenance to further address this problem and it may make the system unstable for the next 20-25 minutes. We apologize again.

I’m with you on that one.

Hi I live In New Jersey. I closed the app and deleted. BIG MISTAKE now I can’t sign in now!! please HELP

Bulbs still not showing up in the App and still not working. Some stay on, others don’t turn on from the motion sensors. Not even sure if the motion sensors are working. Cameras ARE working, but there seem to be no recorded events.