Wyze App Service Outage - 8/22/19

All my cams and sensors are up and running, but that may because I leave them up and was connected before the service outage. This will definitely affect people differently.

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For sure, mine were up and running just fine until I got a call from my wife…

Mine are up and working! :raised_hands:t3:

09:40 P.M. EST my cam is now online and recording motion. Hope it stays this way.

Ya, blink cams are still watching the porch and driveway

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This outage has absolutely nothing to do with the Johnson Controls suit. There is a separate topic on that subject. Please keep any further discussion of that subject here: Johnson suing Wyze


My Wyze bridge just stopped blinking but none of the sensors and half of the bulbs still do not connect,

Cams up and working. Bridge and door sensors are not. Even restarting them they just blink a few times and then no blue or yellow light

I hope that turns out ok for ya :grin:

I think it was regional but looks like it’s well on its way to being resolved.

Thanks bud. She gets it but hates it when it doesnt work. Luckily this is rare for me…

Any major status update on this? Motion sensors still aren’t turning on my lights and some lights won’t shut off no matter what…a little frustrating.

Same here. Waiting it out

We’re seeing improvement again but we don’t have an update past that.

So I go to the credit union ATM , guess what ? machine is broke , I can’t get money, what is the world coming to :grin:

Do you even cloud bro?

My wife was taking a shower when the wyze lights went out. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Naked and Afraid.” She being naked and me being afraid of her wrath. :rofl::rofl:


I gotta admit, it was kinda brutal. She gave me the look.


She said she was jumping up and down trying to get the sensor to register., cursing my name the whole time…


I don’t know exactly what that means :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I have 2 personal clouds