Wyze app marketing messages

This is pathetic. You have to make a special secret request not to be spammed? How much does that cost? Should I send you a $20 bill in the mail?

This conversation also shows the confused mess that Wyze has gotten into: Let’s spam our customers. OK, here is a way to stop that. Sorry, that was bogus and it doesn’t work. I’ll talk to the team. Team says they’ll do you a personal favor, heck with every one else. How do I send you a personal message. Oh, sorry, that doesn’t work either.

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I know that someone higher up in the thread needed to have their forum trust level adjusted because they were new around here but I know you’ve been here for quite a while. Are you also having difficulty with messaging me? We’re still going to build the customer-facing method but, in the meantime, we have a workaround for folks that need to have the messages stop now.

I’m fine with it. If I don’t want to read a post I can just not open the email. Some people shouldn’t post before their morning coffee.

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With their technology, management and now trust issues WYZE will not last past 2021.
Anyone wanna make a wager😀

First, let me say that my previous snide message wasn’t directed at you @WyzeGwendolyn. You, Gwendolyn, are doing a great job being stuck in the proverbial rock and hard place. I’ve had my morning coffee and, being wide awake, I’m seeing more and more negative comments about how Wyze is running things. Another pattern that’s becoming evident is how Wyze provides responses in these forums: on-the-fly responses that are clearly not well considered and indicate a level of immaturity on the part of Wyze decision making. Someone with more industry experience (beyond the technical realm) would notice these soft patterns and consider them to be a negative trend. So, consider my message as well-meaning advice. As for your part in all this, @WyzeGwendolyn, when you go ask the Team, don’t hurry back and respond in this forum with the Team’s first impulsive response. Let the Team’s first knee-jerk response simmer a little, get confirmation from other Team members, and wait until most issues around a topic have been considered and internally discussed before telling your customers.

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The app purchase that Nest forces on me makes me want to buy the thermostat Wyze are selling! Maybe the company can think about it.