Wyze app in the Amazon Fire / Kindle app store

The Wyze app appears to work fine on my 2019 Fire 7.

Wyze app shows the version as 2,28,0 (102).

Any Fire tablet 2018 or later should be running Fire OS 7, which is based on Android 9. (The 2018 Fire HD 8 originally shipped with Fire OS 6, based on Android 7.1, but was later updated to Fire OS 7).

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Maybe my tablet is slightly older than I thought. Too bad the Amazon stuff is back level but otherwise good tablets. I’ve got a somewhat newer Fire 8 I will try. Thanks for the info.

Would be awesome to be able to see all live cameras from my tv without having to pull out my phone.

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People that buy wyze are looking for alternatives to more expensive and locked products on the market. Some of the very same consumers would be drawn to Amazon’s capable and inexpensive Tablets for connectivity.

The Fire 7 tablet retails for $49 brand new. I opted for the 10, it was a little more for larger HD version and its storage was expandable via Micro SD for under $20. The Amazon Alexa app does an okay job at running wyze products but its not optimized for my wyze family of products. It would be great to mount one by front door for setting alarm without a clunky keypad.


As an update to my earlier comment, it appears that the app does work on a newer Fire tablets. I was able to install Play Store on the Fire and install the Wyze app from there.

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Note, only the newest Fire tablets (less than 2 years old?) will work. My approx. 3 year old tablet does not work any more since the app was updated.


2018 and later models all use Fire OS 7, based on Android 9. (The only 2018 model, the 8th gen HD 8, was originally released with Fire OS 6, based on Android 7.1, but was later updated to Fire OS 7).

Earlier models would be based on Fire OS 5 (based on Android 5.1) or an even older version of Fire OS.

Seriously, This has been suggested for over 4 years. It would be nice to be able to bring at least 4 cameras up at a time… Particularly if we splurge on the services. I know that there is support for individual cameras on the Fire TV and that you can hack the fire tablets, but those are workarounds that fail sometimes in the case of the tablet and drop connections a lot in the case of the Fire TV. And an apple tv app would be nice. Considering Nest ditched those of us who used the app when google bought them it would be nice to get that capability back.


I have been getting the Wyze app from Aptoide TV on all my FireTV’s for years. My older sticks will run the software but when it comes time to update they will fail. My new sticks and cube seem to work fine.

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Please tell me how to install the Wyze app on my Fire tablet, give the detailed procedure. I can not find the Wyze app in the Amazon App Store.

You have to get install Google Play. There are instructions online or at least there used to be. You have to download three APK files and email stall.

The kindle has to be fairly new or the wyze app will not run the camera modules.

I only have FireTV sticks and 1 FireCube and I don’t know how different the Fire Tablet might be.

I started by installing an app called “Downloader” by AFTVnews.com from the search engine on the main FireTV screen. On Downloader’s main screen type in AptoideTV and press Go. Scroll down until you see the link for tv.aptoide.com (Your independent App Store for Android TV and set top…). On Aptoide’s screen press Download Aptoide TV. Select install to download it to your system. After it installs press done and when you see the Downloader screen status, delete the aptoide-tv.apk file. The installer is no longer needed. Go to the Help tab in Downloader and press esc to exit.

Now go to your apps on your tablet and run the Aptoide TV program (or the icon with the orange background and the arrow pointing right). When it starts, go up to the search and put in Wyze. It will say no results but if you go down and 3 to the right you’ll select Wyze - Make Your Home Smarter. Press INSTALL and load it onto your system.

It may not be the best version to run but it has done the job for me.

Did my instructions work for you?

You said: "There are walk through online (this is what I did to get Wyze on my fire tablet).
Please give us the website URL for this .

I do not know of any online instructions. Mine are above.

I believe this is the one I used


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There are many available install Google Play. Google search.

I would like to be added to the vote count also for a Wyze App in the Amazon App Store so we could easily get the Wyze App on the Fire tablets.

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