WYZE app disappeared in Play Store for Android tablets

You’re welcome, everyone! Glad to hear that it’s working for most of you. Sorry to those with a different experience. :slight_smile:

I never did get a response to my OPEN ticket indicating that the probem is now solved. It appears that Wyze does not track open tickets. Or perhaps they closed the ticket without telling me.

New to the community and a new wyze user. I am encountering the same issue where I cant find the Wyze App on Playstore. Help

@Crusefamilee Welcome to the Wyze community! :slightly_smiling_face:

Try this link to the Google Play Store it’s a direct link to the Wyze app here.

New Wyze Account

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May be tell us

  1. Your Tablet type, make etc and Android version.
  2. Are You outside North America?

I see a lot of people saying the issue was fixed but I’m on a Chromebook and when I search the Play store for the Wyze app it does not show up. When I try to sideload the apk I’m told I have to switch my chromebook to developer mode. That requires a full wipe and manual restore of everything on my chromebook which I can’t really do right now.

I’m not sure what issue everyone’s saying was fixed but it’s definitely not the issue of the Wyze app not being available on chromebooks through the Play store.

If I go to the Playstore link for the app and try to install it that way, in the drop down list of devices it says there are no eligible devices to install it on. It shows my phone which already has the app, and it shows my chromebook but it’s grayed out and says this item is not compatible with your device.

Definitely not fixed.

The thread is referring to Android tablets not Chromebooks.
There is another thread asking WYZE to make the app available to Chromebooks.

Glass is over half full in my opinion. The fact that Chromebooks can now run nearly any Android app is a minor miracle considering they were intended to support only browsing and web apps. In fact, this sounds like a great solution to the famous lack of PC viewer for Wyze.

They can but it’s usually more trouble than it’s worth. You have to run in Developer mode. Not as easy as Android Developer mode.

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Thanks! this worked

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Still not available, on a new tablet, running android 10 go edition.
onn. 7" Tablet

Sure it’s low memory etc, but I wouldn’t think that would be a stopper for even installing the wyze app. Going to use tinycam anyway, but would be nice if wyze acknowledged the problem.

I haven’t seen the problem in a while. Your post is the first in 4 months.

Did you try the direct Play Store link posted above?

I get these messages there:
Your device isn’t compatible with this version.
This app may not be optimized for your device.

It’s Walmart’s Onn tablet. The Fire 7 uses Fire OS, Amazon’s heavily modified version of Android, which drastically cuts back on the apps available for you to download.

the Wyze app declaration header is from version 5 to pie 9.

wait for next release. your tablet should have no problem.

It’s straightforward to sideload apps on Fire tablets, and almost as easy to install full Google Play Store support.

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If it was just that, my phone on android 11 wouldn’t have access to the app, and would have lost access over a year ago when it was on android 10. It’s on the latest version of the app that released November 9. Android 10 is over a year old.
It could be something in particular to using Android Go edition, or one the other things mentioned earlier in this thread.

Apparently it’s still being looked into by wyze

Using two older Android tablets as monitors, both are on 7.0. using Wyze Beta I get this:

Oddly enough, my Android phone with 6.0.1 does not show this.

I eventually got emails from support, first they thought I was on an older version of android, eventually they just said:

Please note that the playstore can detect if your device is compatible with the app even if it’s running the latest OS version. If it’s showing that it’s not compatible, it means that it doesn’t meet the requirements may cause compatibility issues.

So, looks like they aren’t going any further in figuring out what the compatibility issue is. They really should figure it out, and release their own home control tablet, with wyze preinstalled and optimized.

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