WYZE app disappeared in Play Store for Android tablets

If the model # is Z170CG then yes it’s supported because it has telephony hardware.

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model is P01z.
Poorman,s tablet

no sim slot. all telephone feature stripped off.

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I’ll share with the team!

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Thank you.

I have two Asus Nexus 7 (2013) tablets.

One with Cellular 3G/4G support (but no SIM card installed).
One without.

Same behavior in Play Store: Wyze app not found.

I see what you’re talking about now.
The app is still available to my phone.
But not my tablet.
I haven’t seen any sign of wyze correcting this shortcoming yet.

App was working fine last fall on my Google Chromebook until app updated, then won’t even show in the play store when I do a search for it.

I received that EXACT response (except your name was replaced by mine) on Mar 19th … the response is just a form letter! @WyzeDave @WyzeYun

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Wow. Thanks for that bit of info. (And here I thought I was so special (lol)). Well. that sure blows a hole in their customer service,

I just tried Galaxy S tablet with LTE. It also didn’t show the app. I tried a direct link to the Wyze app in the Playstore. I got the app no longer compatible with your device message.

This shows that the problem is probably not related to telephony hardware and is just tablet related.

If it’s up to Google to determine the problem it can take weeks under normal conditions.

Is LTE data a phone? Possibly not. Good info.
So sounds like if a device has sim card but no phone function will not get app updates in Play Store.
It is not a version issue as from Android 5 to Android 9 tablets have problem.
We should wait for Wyze to do their fix.

I had to factory-reset my LG GPad 7 this week due to faulty software operation. Prior to that the Wyze Cam app was functioning just fine on this device just like on my LG V20 phone handset. After the reset the Wyze Cam app shows up as a hard “Your device isn’t compatible…” in my Play Store Library with no opportunity to reinstall. This has to be a red-herring-attribute triggered by some flag that was set along the way in the store. The hardware/software hasn’t changed over the course of the factory-reset, and operation of the app would not be changed by that event either. This should be an easy fix if someone would give it proper attention.

p.s. The tablet does carry a SIM card and is capable of cellular communications, voice & data. It’s hard for me to understand how this is relevant for the issue at hand, but saw references to this in the thread.

We don’t have much choice do we? :slight_smile:
We can side load the app.

From what I can tell the Tab S 8.4 does have phone hardware but I’ve never tried it. I don’t have a SIM card in it.

I just edited my post before this one to say my tablet has a SIM card and is functional on the cell network. Regardless, I still can’t install the app from the Play Store.

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@Seapup could probably give a better idea of what the problem is.
I can only assume there is a device check that eliminates tablets no matter what hardware they have.

Except that I have an iPad as well where I loaded the webcam app just before factory-resetting my Android tablet in anticipation of this happening. On the iPad its all systems go. It would seem that “tablets” are not necessarily excluded, just those on Android. Unacceptable!

WYZE is aware of and researching the issue. Reading through all the posts in here it seems to be happening with all Android tablets whether or not they have phone capabilities.

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…and android emulators.

I meant any tablet using the Google Playstore. This is an Android only problem.

Does anyone have an example of an Android tablet that is NOT impacted by this? If it’s all Android tablets, this problem is more widespread than we were thinking. We have some tablets in the office for testing but that’s generally done with apps that haven’t been released to the Play Store yet.