Wyze app crashes repeatedly when viewing camera in landscape

That is the issue, it works with gesture navigation, but fails with 2 button and 3 button navigation.

Interestingly I realized I have the same issue with the Eufy cams I have in the baby room (crying notifications), and switching to gesture fixed also.

Any way to get this info to programmers? Here’s a reference that may be the fix… https://developer.android.com/training/gestures/gesturenav

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Confirmed on my Pixel 3 XL. Changing to gesture nav let’s the app work perfectly again. Definitely a problem with the app then.

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@Jeff_CA I just confirmed as well on my Pixel 3xl. This is very odd. I have been having this issue since sometime last summer / early fall (I am in a Beta/Alpha release group for some of us that tested the WCOs). I use 2-button navigation.

Hopefully @WyzeDongsheng or others can take a look at why it works when using Gesture Navigation but not with 2-button or 3-button navigation. In Android 11 this is accessed through Settings → Accessibility → Interaction Controls - System navigation


Same Issue, Same Phone… Any fixes soon?

Unfortunately probably not. I’d just it change and start getting used to gesture navigation personally. It took me maybe a week of getting used to it now but its really not that bad. I have had zero problems with the Wyze app in landscape after changing the navigation to gesture instead.