Wyze App 2.25 RC Test 10/5/2021

I have this issue on my iPad mini 5(iOS 15.0.1) but not on my iPhone 6+(iOS 12.5.5).

Happening for me on my iPhone 12 Max iOS 15.0.1 with Wyze App V2.25.16 Beta, and the previous Beta Version.

Not happening on my iPad Air iOS 12.5.5 Wyze App V2.24.52

Not Happening on my Samsung Note10+ Android 11 with Wyze App V2.25.16


Yesterday, after loading the iOS RC I tested this and it worked. Later I DM’d @R.Good and to let him know that I think it has been fixed. After seeing his report that it still crashed, I tested again and was shocked to see it was also crashing. I am on iOS 15.0.1. Not sure why it was working and now it is not.

Have not tested the iPad as my wife uses that and I did not want to disrupt her process. :slight_smile:

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Hi all! iOS now has build 4 available. This build fixes a crashing bug in landscape mode for Wyze Cam v3.


Loading and will test… BRB to let you know :).

Thanks for the quick fix.


Just tested 5 Events from my v3 Camera’s. Able to turn landscape without crashing. Will continue to test.

Thanks again. Great Job

Nice! Thank You for the communication and the update.

I have updated and the landscape rotation no longer crashed my iPhone 12 Max on iOS 15.1.

I am also seeing some video glitching on almost all of my videos when viewing playback on my iPhone 12 Max, this started I wanna say 3 beta revs ago and is still happening today with the now build 4.

Here is the video playback with the video Glitch in the Wyze App (you can see the car “bounce”)

Downloaded Video using device native video playback or the web codec (No Glitch and smooth)

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I don’t have that one on my iPhone 6+ or iPad mini5(iOS 15.0.1). I’m waiting to receive my iPhone 13 Pro Max at the the end of the month. Since 2 years, I was waiting for the touch ID to come back and remove the notch, but now my 6 is too slow and several applications cannot receive updates. Tired of waiting.

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Both of these look good. :+1:

Both of these look good also. :+1:

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@gyzmo , Latest iOS app update fixes the Landscape Crash.

Curious if the glitch happens when landscaped? The Playback seems a bit grainy but the downloaded version looks a lot better.

It does… and it’s grainy cause I had to download it and convert it using a video editor to make it small enough to post.

Dumb iPhone video compression is horrible on the screen recorder… I just did a fast job to get it seen since I mentioned the glitch.

@gyzmo I am actually not a iPhone fan, my 12 Max decision came from hating the Note10+ with a fiery passion, and this device reminded me why I never used iPhone after the first one, waiting on the Pixel Fold to come out so I can dump this thing but I do like having multiple platforms to test on.



Just checked on my iPhone Xs and at the 10 second mark, there is a flicker of sorts. But not on all events. Interesting, I have not seen it before. Had to sit an watch closely.

Yes, that’s what I said above🙂.

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Much easier to see with cars and people, it’s like they bounce around all over the place.

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I never had any android but I’m pretty sure if I had one I would have had to change it way before 7 years ago because of the updates or broken charging port or others issues. Several applications require iOS13 and above i.e. an iPhone7. I would like to buy a cheap Android to get more familiar with this operating system. When my brother comes to me for configuration problems with his Android, I look around a lot. We will not spend too much time on the subject lol😜

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Commented before I saw that. :rofl:

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There are a lot of cheap Android phones. If you aren’t going to use it as a daily driver, you can get a TCL phone for less than $300. Decent specs but not top of the line. You can also get an older Pixel phone used and new relatively cheap.

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I am still getting no notifications at all even after updating to new version of the app. the widget Is working again. And Im on an iPhone 12 Pro

Probably a stupid question, but did you check to make sure Notifications have been turned on? At times, I have seem this get turned off with some updates.