Wyze App 2.24+ Update

Wyze rolled out version 2.24+ Thursday 9/16/2021 which introduces support for the Wyze Light Strip models, adds new features in Wyze Home Monitoring, and makes a few improvements to Wyze Buds settings.

See what’s new in the Release Notes :


Thumbs down that the non-color bulb UI is still the clunky “new & improved” design.

Power buttons on group view screens also still problematic.

Please itemize ALL bug fixes for each new app/firmware release.

A simple link to a nested page will keep the main list clean.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Yeah, we’ve been after that for years now. That would be cool. High-level would suffice… dun need to know anything proprietary or library build version crazy.

Although, I do think they specify when a well-known long-standing issue gets resolved.

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If this was updated concurrently with app/firmware releases it would be good:

Last timestamp to date is July 14, app v2.22 ios/android.

And because problems are often compound, these:

And because forum history, this:

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I’m thinking the omission of itemized-bug-fix-detail-per-release may be a strategic decision. Maybe to avoid reproaches like:

Why’d you choose to fix this versus that, this is a much older problem, been waiting much longer than these clueless newbs, etc…


Virtually no griping on this release thus far, I’ll take that as a good sign… :wink:

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I have the 2.24.21 iOS app and do not see the Light Strip when attempting to add a new device. I support for these supposed to be in this version, or was it removed until the product is released? Thank you!

Not sure if you made a typo… Support for the Light Strip was added to the latest iOS app version 2.24.52 which should be available to you as an update from the App Store.

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Correct. I had to force my app update. Not sure why I did not see this, I usually do.
Now, I see the Strip devices.
Thank you!!


WYZE… I have to implore you once again, PLEASE revert the non-color bulb control back to its former sensible self. Simply powering individual bulbs on/off is now laborious and actually requires additional clicks within the ‘new & improved bulb bar’. Inefficient.

The entire new control paradigm is dysfunctional & silly. Please keep the app practical.

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